Friday, June 11, 2010

week 7 - june 4

Hola mi familia!
Thanks for the pictures mom, i loved them! i can look at them just fine, but if i want to print any off then ya, i gotta go to another room and they print off in black and white and it takes time off my time to e-mail. But i loved seeing the pics and everything looked so beautiful!! I bet it was so fun. And ya, it was frustrating being outside kris's house and not seeing him. hopefully he will get a chance to let me know what happened.

This week was really tough for me. Really every week here has been tough and i just haven't written that in my letters because i focus more on the fun things that happen or our adventures here. But, this last week was just hard. It can be very stressful here, really stressfull, and it doesn't help that we are tired too. But last sat i got to be el nativo for the 3rd time in 4 days and that was hard, and then we had alot of things that we had to get done and i was feeling very overwhlemed as usual, and then all these little things just got to me. I got pen on my new skirt, my nylons keep ripping, i was having a hard time staying awake, i couldn't understand a lick of the spnaish my teachers were saying even if my life depended on it, and the elders wouldn't shut the window when it was freezing, and i was super hungry because we have 5 hours between each meal, and all these things, and then we went to go teach a couple elders in our district and they were "atheist"...of course! and i just broke down in the middle of our lesson and just started crying. It sounds so silly, but the MTC has been really hard on me emotionally. We have fun a lot of times, but it's really hard for me to be inside a class all day, for 6 1/2 weeks now. and i had my weekly interview with my branch pres. who is amazing, and i was telling him about this and we were just laughing at all the silly things that were happening to me. He made me feel really good, and told me how hard the MTC was for him too, but how much he loved serving in Guatemala and the people, and he just made me feel really good.

But i'm not complaining about anything. I really want to be here. i know i am supposed to be here, i just thought i would love the MTC and i really just want to go to Argentina right now. But i know that the Lord is stretching me so that he can teach me the things i need to learn. And i am grateful for this time here, it's just different. But i know that the Lord is trying to help me, and this is the fastest way for me to grow; to be stretched beyond what i think i can do. But thanks for all your letters and your love and support. i look forward to them so much. We should get our travel plans next week! love ya!

hermana amundsen

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