Friday, May 28, 2010

week 6 - may 28

hi hi hi! thanks for your letters! ok, i need to answer some questions....I got the package with the pics and everything, so thank you! hopefully i will have time to write those cards, but seriously in the MTC, we have no time. You were asking about my visa, we just went in this morning to take our thumbprints and then we have an interview with the Argentine consul next thurs. But they don't tell us anything about our visas, that is the only thing we have done and we just found out that we were doing those 2 things yesterday. But travel plans usually come about 2 weeks before we leave. So teachers...Hno. DelToro served in Buenos Aires, Argetnina and Hna. Smith in Puerto Rico. We know the Argentine accent, but we are learning "normal spanish" right now. But the Argentines pronounce their "y's" and "ll's" like shhhha. so, como te llama, sounds like como te Shama. It's pretty i think. Also, the teacher next door served in our mission, and so he said he was going to bring in pics for us!! yay, our district gets so excited when we talk about Argentina, which is not very often because right now we are focusing on learning the language and teaching and helping others.
    How is was the wedding!? i mean it's still going on as we speak, but how is everything? Mom, you have to take pics! i want to see what courtney and dave look like and the backyard with all the decortions!! so make sure to take lots of pics! i can't wait to see! Give court and dave a hug for me too please! So excited for them.
    OK! this is for KRIS...where were you on Tues at 4:15pm? i think it was the 25th. because i was outside your house. let me companions and I have been on a few "fieldtrips" to the outside world because Hna. Buys has had some tooth problems, so we have been to the dentist. And on tues, after the dentist, we went and picked up some other elders at a chiropractic place and i look across the street and see a blue, mazda 3 hatchback! i said to the driver, "where are we, because i'm pretty sure that is my brothers car and that is his house", we are going to be driving over there any way, and our driver stops our van, and sure enough, the liscence is from CA, and there is an IN-IN-OUT sticker next to it. So our driver honks a few times, and we open the door and i yell your name...we waited for about 1 minute, no response, so we went on our way. QUE TRISTE!!! i had such an urge to run up to the door and knock, but i knew that wouldn't be the best idea, so i resisted. I just wanted a hug. I am surprised by how much i miss physical contact with people...the people i love. I miss hugs and just wanted to give you a hug Kris and be on my way. Pero, esta bien. it's all good. Also kris, i got your letter, thanks, it was so good to hear from you. I was really excited! have fun next week! And i need you to send me your made-up missionary lyrics to Stayin' Alive please:) my comps love it, but i only know the chorus.
     But ya, this week has been good. Our district got to be hosts again. this is when the new missionaries come in, you have a host missionary that takes the new one around for the first 15 min they are here. We just check them in, get their key and take them up to their room, we get thier name tags and their books, and then drop them off in their classroom. It's fun! So we did that this week. Favorite quote of the week....our teacher, Hno. DelToro, the other day, we were talking about Argentina and what if we don't ever pick up the language? and he goes, "IF YOU DON"T LEARN SPANISH YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!" and we all just started laughing, and he goes, "but you will, you'll learn spanish." Our district keeps talking about putting the quote on a t-shirt as our motto. We always tease him about saying that now.
   Entonces (anyways), we started playing a game this week called "el Nativo" (the native). What we do is everyday we draw a slip of paper from a hat, and the paper says either "missionero" or "el nativo" but there is only one nativo and that person has to speak only spanish for the entire day!! it's hard, trust me. But you can't tell anyone what you have. and then at the end of the day we vote for the person who gave the most effort to speak spanish that day, and if you are the native you get double points for every vote. well guess what...i was the nativo wed and thurs (the first 2 days of the game) and the firsty day (i don't know how) the elders knew i was the native. we walk into breakfast and they go, "hna Amundsen, you are the native and we aren't going to vote for you because you are going to win anyway!" what!!! this game is so rigged! i don't know how they new, i denied it of course. And then yesterday i was the native again and it was hard, and one person voted for me yesterday. I really don't care if i win at the end of the week (we add up the points at the end) but it stinks having no one vote for you when you put in all your effort. BUT! i'm no longer the native (not today atleast)!
well, that is all the time i have. until next week. love you all
Hermana amundsen

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