Monday, May 3, 2010

the MTC

wow...the mtc is crazy! so once i got dropped off these elders took my luggage to the sister building and another sister missionary took me around and got my room key and went to the bookstore with me and took me up to my room, then some other room to grab stuff and then to my classroom. it was crazy though because we were walkng so fast just in and out of all these buildings. i had no idea where i was or what was going on. the first 2 days were pretty much like that. but it's fun! everyone is super nice. so i have 2 companions! Hermana Mitchell and Buys. they are both from Utah, one from saint george and the other from eagle mountain. But we get along so well! we are all going to the Rosario mission too! and so are 6 other elders in our district.

so once i was dropped off in the classroom, i met my 2 teachers, bro. DelToro and Sis. Smith. Both are way rad and have a lot to teach us. there are 11 people in my district. the other 2 elders are going to Puerto Rico and leaving in 3 weeks to a different MTC. but our district is cool, we are getting to know each other. our zone has 4 districts, and only 2 other hermanas who are leaving in about a week for Chile. but this classroom is where we spend a lot of our time. we have tons of books and we got scriptures in Spanish and we just leave everything in the classroom because that is where we do all our studying and learning...unless we have MDT where we can study nearby. but that is our classroom.

they have this program for the sisters though! every morning from 6-6:30am there is a workout..such as pilates, aerobics, kickboxing, yoga...etc. and yesterday we did kickboxing and we are all sore!!! it was more intense than i thought it would be. we have 2 other sisters as roomates who are not in our zone or anything but are going Spanish speaking as well. they are pretty nice but we don't really see them because basically the only time you spend in your room is in the morning when you get ready and evening for sleeping. we get back to our room at 9:30 every night, but it is surprising how quickly that hour goes by! and then i can't fall asleep til 11pm or later. i'm sure i'll have no trouble falling asleep soon though.

there is so much to tell i feel. today is sat and it is the first day we have actually had some time to ourselves, and next week we will have a lot more time to ourselvs as well to do studying and to complete our commitments, which are given to us every day by our teachers or other people. they really keep you busy here, but we have fun too. our class times are long, but they go by fast and i feel like we have so much to learn and not enough time to learn it. i love learning Spanish though! i think the Lord is really blessing me in that way because my companions basically know nothing (or at least they did) and so they have to turn to me and ask me how to say stuff. we walk around saying Hola to everyone though! and the elders day "hola hermanas!" it's fun and sometimes they ask us things in Spanish. the elders treat the sisters really well though, they open our doors, let us cut in line in the cafeteria, then take our trays for us when we are done. and we really appreciate it and it makes us love them so much more.

my companions and i were laughing so hard a couple hours ago because we went outside to study and some bug pooped on my foot. and it looked like mustard and they were laughing at me trying to clean it up. Then as i am walking back from the trash can my blue card (for meals and stuff) goes down my shirt (we clip to the other side of our name tags because we have to have it on us at all times) and they were laughing because i had to reach down my shirt to get it. and then my button gets stuck on the bench (don't ask how...) and this all happened in less then 10 min. so we were just laughing so hard.

oh! my p-day is Friday, and my estimated departure date is 6-22-10 but i heard that it will change. i also get to see Tandy quite often! we live on the same floor! i saw her my first day at dinner in the cafeteria and we basically ran to each other, we were so excited to see eachother. she is doing well, but i think she is ready to leave. i think i'd be ready to leave after 2 months as well. today in class we learned how to bear our testimonies in Spanish! it's cool! and on Mon we have to be ready to talk to, get to know someone, and testify to them in Spanish! it's our first TRC (ask Kris). my companions and i are pretty nervous, so we've been praying alot. we know how to pray in Spanish too:) ok. my time is going to expire, so just know that i am good! that i have a strong tesimony and am learning and growing everyday! i will talk to you guys on fri. happy late b-day kris! and thank you for the dear elders, those are the best!!! i love you mom, dad, kris, julie, jodi and sarah!

todo mi amor, hermana amundsen!!

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