Friday, May 14, 2010

week 4 - may 14

HOLA!!!! Buenos tardes!

ok so i have been in the MTC for 3 weeks and 2 days, so this is week #4 for me. i got your letters yesterday!! i was so excited! i love cartas! but to answer some dry cleaning yet, i have enough clothes to last a week just fine, and i can switch up my outfits enough, but i'm definitely already sick of my clothes...go figure. they have skirts you can buy here so i might do that because they would be good for summer, but i won't do that until i leave probably. the MTC food is not bad at all. i don't know why so many kids complain. i eat salads all the time and they are way good! their cooked meals are just alright, but the soups are usually good too, and the muffins!

sorry i couldn't call on mothers day! that was a bummer because i have so much to tell! i hope Court's bridal shower goes well today. tell her HI for me:) i miss that girl so much! but i've been feeling alot better this week...just a slight plugged up nose. my Spanish is coming along. i feel like the lord is really blessing me with the language because in High school i was terrible, and now everyone in my district is always asking for help. as a district we made a goal to speak one meal a day only in Spanish, and it was so funny! every two seconds one of the elders..."hermana amundsen como se dice ______....and then some word" which is "how do you say____". but ya. i really love Spanish! it is so fun to talk and to listen to! i can't wait to be fluent. my companions get stressed with it though, so i'm trying to help them. i've been really blessed in that way though.

Sunday was awesome! it always is...we had Sheri Dew come and speak. and then Tues night devotional we had Elder Holland!!!! he was, wow! he does not hold back. he just layed it on us, how important our mission is and how important that we are obedient and that we serve the Lord His way. he told us that if one of us came up to him after our missions and we were no longer active in the church that he would punch us in the nose. we all laughed and then he says, "no, that wouldn't be very apostellic." but he really had a strong impact on me, and it made me feel so pumped!

i have to speak tonight at our zone activity...this should be fun. I'm talking about Helaman 5...such an awesome story if you haven't read it...i highly suggest it. i just love Nephi and Lehi, they are the kind of missionaries i want to be...well, i want to be basically every missionary in the Book of Mormon. Captain Moroni is like my Hero, he is soooo cool! but i only have to speak for about 5 minutes, so it should be fine. Ummm...i went to the temple this morning! we did sealings and our sealer was so cool! he just talked to us and explained everything. Oh ya....Mom, we got to the temple on P-day and then also on Sun. and Sun is when everyone goes!!! it's sweet. Our zone goes around 3pm and all the missionaries are there. it's just time to realx and enjoy the day. study if you want, or talk to friends and take pics. there are also people there that aren't missionaries just enjoying the temple grounds on a sun.

so we learned a new word this week. "chiste" is means "joke" and i guess i talk in my sleep everynight, and the other night i was like "Hermanas!!! Chiste!!" and then i laughed in my sleep. hermana Buys told me, she thought it was so funny. and then the other night hna. Buys goes, "you didn't talk in your sleep last night" and Hna. Mitchell laughs and goes "that's because i prayed she wouldn't" then we all laughed! i thought that was so funny. i really love my companions though, we get along so well. we just have a lot of fun, i think the Lord has really blessed me in that too, just allowing me to adapt to other people really easily.

that is awesome that Luke got an extension. good for him, i know he really wanted that. the mission is fun. the MTC is definitely starting to grow on me. it gets better as you start to get to know people. also Mom! could you send me a camera case?

well, i think that's all the time i have for now! until next week! life is good, the gospel is true! thank you for all your support and encouraging letters. tell Dave i sent a letter to his address too, will ya?

I love you!!!! Can't wait to hear from you soon!
Todo mi amor,
Hermana Amundsen.

P.S. yes mom, we have some very silly elders in our district that definitely keep the rest of us entertained. i Love them though!

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