Monday, May 3, 2010

week 2 - april 30

sorry mom, i am not going to be able to read your letter before typing this. dear elder is kinda lame sometimes. i always get them but a lot of times it's a day late, or in the evening when you write in the morning. but i will definitely read the letter when i get it by dear elder. best to send it a day early. the MTC has been more pleasant this week, not as stressful now that we are on our regualr schedule (the one we will have for the next 7 weeks...then the last week is a different schedule). i'm continuing to learn much. Spanish is coming along...i guess i was sleep talking in spanish a few nights ago mixed in with some english. my companions said i was talking fast! that's gotta be a good sign:)

so funny! on mon we had to finish our outlines for lesson one, and by gym time i was done but my companions were not, so we stayed in class all by ourselves and while my companions were working i decided to do some exercises on the floor in my blue plaid dress. so i'm laying on the ground exercising my legs thinking i should get my notebook so i can study while i'm working out. so i reach up to my desk to grab my notebook, and..."RIIIIP". there goes the seam of the shoulder of my dress. so i get up and i'm looking at it, and my companions just bust out laughing so hard! I was laughing too. we laughed all the way up the stairs where I changed, and then all the way down to the seamstress. (yes we have a seamstress here...thank goodness). Hna. Buys was like, "i'm so glad you're our companion, it wouldn't be this fun without you."

we actually taught the first lesson to the 2 women in the seamstress shop. we have to practice:) and afterwards we were like, "that was so cool! lets do that again!" because it was the first time not to someone in our district. we teach people in our zone a lot. the 2 other sisters that are leaving on mon, they taught us the plan of salvation in spanish the other day, and i understood almost all of it! it made me realize how simple and true the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us though. they taught it very simply, because that's all they can do in Spanish (we don't know enough to expound), and it is seriously such a beautiful plan, and it really is so simple.

you can feel the spirit so much at the MTC if you really want to. last weekend i was thinking about why i was here, (no worries...not thinking about coming home, just asking myself) and seriously the next lesson, talk, or something just answered my question. and I get that answer a lot, that reasurance of why I am here doing this. it's because I know this is where I am supposed to be. before i came to this earth, I knew that i wanted to this, that i wanted to bring our Heavenly Father's children back to him, to bring people to the knowledge of their Savior and who they really are. so please pray for me, pray that i may be a tool in the Lords hands, that i can be sensitive to the spirit to know what He needs me to do. also pray that i may love the people of Argentina, and that they may feel of my love for them and our Heavenly Father's love for them.

i think i said this before, but i feel like there is so much to learn, and not enough time to do it. we have 3 hours of study a day...personal, companion and language, and then like 5 hours of class, and that's about it. we have meals, gym, getting ready...there is just not that much time in the day, and at the same time the days feel really long. i hardly have time to write in my journal at night. i started falling asleep during personal study the other day. so my companions and I started walking around to help us stay awake, and then we got ice cream from the vending machine to wake us up. so ya, i'm starting to get more tired, but we took a nap today because we are allowed to on P-day which i did not know!

i have to go! sorry i can't write more!!!! i love you guys! please keep writing to me because i love receiving mail!
mom...spanish...we haven't covered those 3 years of high school spanish yet.
love, Hermana amundsen

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  1. Hermana Amundsen! I miss you and it is so good to hear that the MTC is treating you well. I need to go write you a letter now with pretty flowers :)