Friday, May 21, 2010

week 5 - may 21

mom, i read your letter over e-mail. we get 30 min on the comp. as soon as we sign in and then it just kicks us off after 30 min. so it's tough to read letters by e-mail and then have enough time to say everything i want! thank you for telling me you got the letter. i knew you had gotten the cds but i HAD to make sure you got the letter with it too. but ya, your best bet is to write on wed. Dear Elders get put in our mailbox about 3:30 pm everyday, so if you don't write before then, i won't be getting it that day. but thanks for the letters! i love reading them. you're encouragement really does help too, so thank you. and thank you for sending some pics of the bridal shower, Court looked BEAUTIFUL! can't wait to see pics from their actual wedding!!!! just around the corner. tell Court congrats on taking out her endowments (TODAY!) so exciting:) i still can't believe the wedding is next week! 
As for me...this week was good. i always forget what has happened. on Sun we had Ann Dibbs and Susan Cook come, and afterwards we got to ask Sis. Dibbs about her Dad (the prophet). my favorite thing about the Prophet is his relationship with his wife. you should have heard how Sis. Dibbs just had so much respect for her parents, and the love that they have always shown to each other. she said her dad is constantly complimenting her mother on everything, all day long! i thought that was so neat. we also had a couple good firesides, i can't remember the names though. we've been lucky though to have already heard from 2 apostles! (elder Perry and Holland).
oh! my talk went well on fri night. i just talked about Nephi and Lehi (the sons of Helaman) for about 5 min. i am realizing how much i really do love the scriptures! The book of Mormon is amazing! the other day we were teaching our progressing investigator and we were telling him about the BOM, and as i was talking, the spirit just bore such a pwerful witness that i really do know these things are true. it was so nice to feel that. but i LOVE reading the stories, i get so excited about them and can't wait to tell my companions what i read when we have comp. study. 
so Sundays we always have to have a 5 min talk prepared in SPANISH, just in case we get called on. and we have a paper that has all the topics on it for every week. so last week i prepared my talk on the Law of Tithing....and about 10 min before Sac meeting i glanced over the sheet with all the topics and see that the topic is NOT the Law of Tithing, but in fact Patience. but i just figure i won't get called on, and i bring my Spanish Preach my gospel just in case they call on me cuz then i could just read out of that for my talk. and sure enough, i get called on to speak.  i decided to just use the talk i wrote even though it was the wrong subject. it was all good. "Esta Bien"  
also, this week we started to have all our classes in Spanish! so our teachers speak to us in Spanish except when we are learning grammar principles. so that is a brain workout for sure because you have to pay attention and constantly try and think what they are saying, and by the time you figure out one word they have already said  like 5 new sentences! so our teachers repeat themselves alot, but it's all good. i really do love Spanish. and this week we got a new disctrict! so my district is not the youngest anymore! YAY! it's unusual to go 4 weeks without getting a new district. my comps and i are still the only sisters though. 
mom, it doesn't matter what scripture you use on my plaque...i don't really care. i'm looking forward to the package, i've been looking for it in the mail because i miss all your faces cuz i have no pics. but i have to go. yes Dad, i should be able to call at the airport...missionaries usually get their travel plans 1 or 2 weeks ahead .
gotta go! sorry!
love, hermana amundsen!

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