Friday, May 7, 2010

week 3 - may 7

Again, mom, i did not recieve your letter yet because you HAVE to send it way early. i know i got one from you though because you sent a copy to my e-mail. So please send it thurs morning at the LATEST. i did get Dad's yesterday though, thank you. Letters are something i really look forward to. You should have an FHE where you all write. ok, well, this week has been good. I'm getting anxious to be in Argentina though, the MTC is fun, but 9 weeks is a looooong time. This last week we had our oldest district leave (the only other district with sisters) and so now there are only 3 districts, and next week we will only have 2 because the next district is hopefully we will be getting some new missionaries in our zone soon!

When the last district left, so did the coordinating i got called to be the new coordinating sister! Bascially i oversee all the other sisters (which is just me and my companions right now) and go to a couple meetings during the week. My job is just to love, uplift, help, and make sure everyone feels welcome. But it was a really humbling experience to get the call, and I feel as though i needed it. I also forgot to mention that i have been senior companion the last couple weeks, but we will be switching this sunday so that we can all have a turn being senior and junior comps.

I still love my companions, they are way nice and we haven't had any problems...i'm going to go to the bookstore today and get some pictures printed off so i can send some home! I got the new camera yesterday! i was so excited, but i think Hna. Mitchell was more excited. She was jumping and singing, "you got a package, you got a package" it was pretty funny...then she was like "open it!!! open it!!!" It made me laugh. So thank you for doing that mom, i love it!

I'm trying to think if anything has changed....I took a picture of my schedule so you can see what I'm doing everyday. Today is prep day but really we stilll have so much to do...7am - personal study...8:15 breakfast....8:45 companion study....10:20 temple! (today we did initiatories and next week we might do sealings) 1pm lunch....then we have til dinner at 6pm to do laundry, write our families and friends, and anything else, and that time goes by fast! so I will be writing seometime between 1:45 and 6pm on fridays. then we have class tonight at 6:45....til 9pm, and then we plan at 9pm every night.

I have seen a lot of people i know actually. My comps make fun of me telling me i meet someone new everyday. I have seen Garrett Thornburg, Ben Mack (Ryan's bro. from last summer), Tandy Sheilds!!!, Cody Harder (shane's bro.), Ben Chamberlin, Kellan Gunnar, and Andrea Riggs...and some other people from school and what not that you wouldn't know. But ya! i love running into people! it's kinda funny to see them here.

oh! i don't know if i mentioned this before but my black down jacket is my bset friend. I wear it all the time!! the elders call it my sleeping bag or the black igloo. also whenever we sing in class we sing in spanish, and we are TERRIBLE. always off key and messing up, it's really funny. You would be surprised how hard it is to sing in a different language to the same notes. But i really love my district, they are awesome! the people are what make it the most fun! and my teachers are both awesome! i am learning that my favorite class times are the ones that i feel the spirit the most, because the spirit is truly the teacher and that is when i feel the most joy and get the most out of the lesson. So i hope to be a missionary that invites the spirit and teaches by the spirit. I love the Doctrine of the church though! and the logic of everything, it just makes so much sense! We had a great speaker on Tues. night that used logic to answer questions and it was really great!

oh ya, and i've been sick this week, it started mon night and i am feeling a lot better today! I went and took a nap yesterday and took some night quil last night. Just a slight fever and a cold...but it's all good now. My teacher told me that i needed to rest because all missionaries do what i did, they keep going and don't give their bodies time to heal. So that's when i took a nap yesterday.

I have to go....!!! sorry i wish i could write more. Love you all. please continue to pray for me!
todo mi amor,
hermana amundsen

ok questions!! how did julie's patriarchal blessing go? and sarah's talent show? did you order my plaque? or turn in my tithing? how is the blog? do you update it? I cannot call on mother's day...sorry. PLease send me pictures!! also, maybe you could send me a watch ( a cheap plastic one from target) and also a camera case. they only have bulky ones here and i need something smaller...they have cute simple ones at Best buy. dad...send me ephraim info stuff please!

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