Monday, August 23, 2010

rafaela week 3 - aug 23

Hola familia!
Thanks for your letters. Thank you Jodi, loved your letter! It´s just nice to hear how you are doing. And mom writing about you is just not enough, because you each have a distinctive way of writing, and it means more when its from you. so thank you! I CAN¨T BELIEVE BREANA IS MARRIED! Thanks for the pics mom! I wish i could have been there. That´s really hard, to have both Breana and Courtney get married while i was gone! 2 of my bestest friends! I hope you gave her a big hug for me, and told her that i love her. And the anouncements were super cute. And my comp and I both loved her dress, beautiful!

Well, this week…what did we do this week?…Well, we found out that Oscar is dying. We didn´t believe him at first when he told us. I guess when he fell, he broke a few more things in his body. He has been slowly dying for the last year, and the doctors think he´ll pass away in December. Something like his white blood cells are eating the red ones, and the oxygen is just not getting to his body, and so his heart will stop. And a couple days ago he was rushed to the hospital because he couldn´t breath, and the same thing the next night. So he couldn´t come to church. But the Elders came with us the other night to give him a blessing, and he was feeling better when we went to visit him yesterday. His baptism is this Saturday, so we will see. But it has been quite an experience being with him. He is not afraid to die. He knows the peace that he will have and he knows he won´t have to deal with the pain anymore. But it´s been amazing for me to see his faith, and to realize how truly thin the veil is, and that there isn´t much keeping us from the next life. It kinda puts things into perspective. I keep thinking about how we found him though. He is an old investigador. The other sisters dropped him though because i think they didn´t want to deal with him not being able to walk and what not. But i came across his sheet (every person we teach has a sheet of paper that talks about them and what they´ve been taught) because i was looking through all the antigo investigadores. And i just grabbed about 5 of them that were near each other because i knew we would be in that area. And when we met him he told us that first day that he wanted to get baptized. I know that i was led by the spirit to find his sheet. I didn’t know it at the time, but a lot of times that is how the Lord works. He just puts the thoughts in our minds.

I really love teaching people the gospel. I love this message, and have a hard time understanding why others don´t get it. It´s so pure, so simple, and so true. My testimony of the Book of Mormon continues to grow, it has the answers for everything!

Dad, the siesta kills everything here. So, we don´t leave the house in the morning til 11am, this week will be 10:30 because i only have to study the language for 30 min now. But everyone at this time is cooking. Cooking. Cooking. So all our contacts say, i´m cooking now, but you can come back later. Lunch is really big here, they don´t eat dinner because their lunches are so big. So, from 11-12:30 they are cooking. Then they eat. Then from 1-4pm all the stores are closed and everyone goes home and sleeps. So it´s really hard for us to teach because they don´t answer their doors. And then in the evening a lot of them are working. So ya. i´m not complaining, i just think it´s very silly.

Oh ya, and we have been finding quite a few cockroaches. We started giving them names. We have Phelps – short for Michael Phelps (we put him in some water and he started swimming, he has been holding his breath now for a few days. We think he´s trying to break the World record) then there is Chili (poor little guy didn´t even have a chance, he got squished) then there is Cigarillos (because he was slowly dying. the word Cigarillos means Cigarettes. We found him on his back, and they can´t get up when they are on their backs, so we just left him there. He died slowly for a few days). Then there is Gordo (we found him under our food shelf, he was on his back too, probably ate too much and then keeled over and couldn´t get back up). Then we have Lucha. He is a little fighter (luchar means “to fight”). But they are all dead now. I dreamed that there were cockroaches in my bed last night. But my comp and I are excited because we are going to clean the whole apartment because we are now the only 2 that live there. So we are going to toss all the stuff that every other missionary has left!
But as for questions. I fall asleep very fast at night. Ya, i´m alright though, mornings are not too bad. Heavenly Father is really blessing me with the energy i need. And hna. Hansen has a dog thing that makes a noise to keep them away. We are going to buy batteries. the dogs have only been that crazy a couple times though, and it´s because of the other dogs, not us. They do growl and bark at us a lot though. Tell julie congrats on her calling, that is awesome. And the P. blessing through dear elder would be good. I´d like that!

Thanks for all your love and support! Dad, i look forward to your letters too, it makes my week!
Todo mi amor,
Hna. amundsen

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