Monday, September 6, 2010

rafaela week 4 - aug 30

Thanks for the letters! i didn´t get a letter from Julie, but if she sent it to dear elder it usually takes a couple weeks because it goes to the mission office in Rosario. But i got one from aunt tami! that´s so cool that Russell is going to Brasil. What a great opportunity to get to live in so many countries. I also got a letter from Bro. Mortensen, it was great to hear from him! And also Lisa McAffee, tell her thanks, because her letter really helped me. She said sometimes we are the ones to plant the seeds and other times we are the ones to do the harvesting. And right now i feel like we are doing a lot of planting. Sometimes i forget that we have to plant in order to harvest, and we don´t always see the fruits of our labors.
This week was hard with our numbers. We knocked a lot of doors, but not many answered. My energy is also dying. By about 4pm my legs start to complain, and by the end of the day me legs are exhausted. But the lord blessed us in another way this week. i love my comp. and this week we were able to find joy in the little things. One day i think we didn´t go 30 sec without laughing at something. I was laughing so hard as we were walking down the street, that i couldn´t see where i was going, and i walked into a tree. and then we laughed even harder. So even though we had a tough week and didn´t see a lot of the fruits of our labors, we were still able to find joy.
This week I also really felt my testimony of the Savior grow, and the love that i have for Him. I was studying in 2 Nephi 9 this week; almost every verse is now highlighted. Do you know what would have happened to us if the Savior had decided to not take upon the sins of the world? If not, you only have to read the 10 verses of that chapter.
Saturday night we went to the Familia Garza´s house. This is where Gaston lives (he and his mom are recent converts, but his dad ruben, not yet...he´s getting baptized the 23rd of september). So we started talking with them, and come to find out that none of them were planning on coming to church the next day. I just started to cry. I thought about the Savior and what He went through, what He did for us, and what He asks for in return, and how unwilling we are sometimes to do what He asks. He asks that we attend church to partake of the Sacrament to remember Him. It´s so simple. I was also crying because i love this family, and want them so badly to make the right decisions in their lives. Because i´ve seen the blessings in my life, and don´t want them to miss out on those. My comp was crying too. We bore our tesimonies and left with a prayer. They said we didn´t understand, maybe i don´t. But i do know that God comes first. And when we put God first in our lives, everything else falls into place, He will take care of the rest.
Sunday, we had no investigators in church. they all told us no when we invited them. Alicia Garza came. Gaston and Ruben no. It feels like our fault, but i know they have to make their own decisions. But my tesimony continues to grow, every day. I know this church is true. i have no doubts.
By the way. It´s spring, and this week was lovely, except for today. You should write back to Gaston. I´ll have a christmas list next week:) we don´t nap during the siesta. Oscar didn´t get baptized, but he is feeling better now. i love you guys. soooo much.
todo mi amor
hna. amundsen

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