Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rafaela week 6 - sept 14

So we just got news of transfers which is why i am writing today and not yesterday. I am staying here with Hna. Hansen! We are pretty exctied because we feel like our area is just now starting to really progress! I can´t believe school already started. the girls looked cute in the pics:) i bought a few things for them first real purchases in argentina. but the girls might have to wait til i get home to get them. But i loved the letters, thanks for your help, and love and support. and the pics too! and dad, don´t worry, my back is fine, i just wanted exercises to do, so thanks!

We had 7 in church on sunday! and the best part is that they were all sitting with a member:) and we got the estandartes! which is the standards of the mission! It was all thanks to Heavenly Father, believe me, it was a miracle, we were so blessed this week. Oh! and we had to give talks in church. i gave a 15 min talk in spanish. wow. and President and Hna. Villalba (the mission pres) came to our ward...we had no idea until they called us right before church started. So that made me nervous, but i think it went alright. I am to the point where i can say quite a bit of what i want to, but i still don´t understand the natives very well. I understand all the north american missionaries when they speak though! oh! there is a member that i understand a lot of what she says. and also when people talk for a while i can basically pick up what they are the main point. And it´s not bad when we are taching either, i can have a conversation with them for the most part. but i still have sooo much to learn, no where close to fluent yet.

We also went to Rosario this last thursday for a conferencia de hermanas! so all the sisters in the whole mission were together. and i got to see Hna. Buys and Mitchell from the MTC! we just talked and talked, and laughed. We also got to watch the Errand of Angels, that movie about the sister missionary. It was cute. So funny though, because before the movie there were previews, and one preview was for Forever Strong, and the main guy in it is pretty cute and the other sisters were like in ahhhww, so Hna. Villalba had to cover it up so we couldn´t see. it was funny. and then the main girl in the missionary movie is super cute too, and as soon as it started Hna. Dunford goes, "we never look that cute" and then later Hna. Recinos says, "this is like a fashion show". it was just fun to be with all the other sisters and to get to talk and i got to find out about Venado Tuerto! It´s doing well.

so yesterday we went to go visit this young couple... so we get there, and we hear someone yelling. we can´t understand and don´t know who it is. So we clapped outside the house, and the grandma came out. I began asking if silvina and dario were home and she interrupts me and just starts yelling at us. Telling us that nobody is here and that she is sick of people coming to her house asking, and blah blah blah...she went off for a little while and then slammed the door shut. i just said, "bueno, gracias." and then we could hear her yelling at someone in the backyard. I started laughing as we walked away. i thought it was hilarious, she was so angry. My companion was like, "i was scared!" and then she laughed with me. people just look silly when they are mad. I´m not sure why i wasn´t scared, probably because she is just an old lady in a bad mood and i didn´t really understand what she was saying. so ya, that was fun.

But i am doing well. I was really really happy on Sunday. My comp and I were just so stoked to have been able to reach our goals and to have that many people in church. It was truly a miracle to go from 0 to 7 in 2 weeks. After church we ran back to the apartment to drop our stuff off from our talks, and we just knelt and had a gracias prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for everything! So i hope we can keep it up. Sometimes we have days where we really don´t feel like working, but you gotta just keep on going, keep pushing. I think about the sons and Mosiah and how much they went through and how we really have nothing to complain about. I love the scriptures, they give us a lot of drive to keep working. they were really written for us.

Thanks for all your love and your support! i am well, just preaching the gospel here in argentina:) my testimony continues to grow. i can´t express how much i love this gospel, and how greatful i am to have it in my life. But i know that where much is given, much is required, so lets do our part and preach the word of God! love you guys with all my heart!

todo mi amor
hna. amundsen

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