Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rafaela week 8 - sept 27

Hola Familia!

That's funny mom, that you fell asleep so early. It's all good. And yes we had a baptism!! My first baptism in Rafaela. We were kinda worried about it though because we weren't there this whole week. But when we arrived back in Rafaela Friday night, everything had already been planned! Guillermo had taken care of it all! And all we had to do was show up! I was amazed! This never happens! Our ward really is amazing, and it's starting to feel more like home to me.

So ya, this week was pretty fun! We went to a place called Santa Tome which is in Santa Fe or right outside the city santa fe. This is where i worked with Hna. Kusilek. There were 4 of us girls in the pench (apartment-really it's a house, but we call everything a pench). Hna. Kusilek and i got to work together for 4 days! And the area we worked in was really beautiful. We were out on all dirt roads, and there was a lot of campo (field) and it was really green. The houses were not as nice, more run down and just cement and brick houses, but i loved it! We would just walk down this one road and all there was on one side of us was this big open field. And you could hear the wind through the trees (which sounds really cool), and we got to eat lunch outside one day, and we ate it next to this giant tree overlooking the river that runs through. i really loved being out there. I hope i am not stuck in the city forever. I love Rafaela, but i just like the peace and the nature feeling better. We had fun though. There is this one family of 11 that i fell in love with. Only half are members, but we got 4 more of them to accept a baptism date! So hopefully they don't fall through. Hna.Kusilek is rad. We think we'll be comps soon. She doesn't think it's weird that i read her blog before coming out, she thinks it's cool.

But we got back Friday night, to find that everything was ready to go for the baptism. Hna. Hansen got a fever, so all we did sat. was the baptism, and then she rested the rest of the day. But the baptism went great! Everyone helped out, and the ward was awesome about welcoming Ruben and supporting him. Hna. Hansen and I sang “i feel my saviors love”…ya i sang…it's weird, here, no one can sing, so they all think that we all have beautiful voices cuz we can keep a tune. But ya, the baptism was awesome! I really felt the spirit, i think Ruben did too. We ate lunch with them on Sunday to celebrate, we joke and say they've got a house full of mormons now!

After the baptism it rained a ton! Not for super long, but just long enough for me to get soaked! I love the rain, i think it's fun! And we were on our way back to the pench anyways because Hna. Hansen was supposed to rest. Anyways. Ya dad, i didn't know you had a new calling! That's awesome. Sounds like you and mom are going to be busy. I guess that's a good thing though.

Thanks for your love and support. Dad, you can tell people i´m doing great because i am. It's definitely though sometimes, but we keep on going. I so wanted to send you guys pics...but i can't get the program to work. sorry! i know i would want to see pics too.
love ya guys.
hna. amundsen
p.s. ya, i'm definitely not fluent in spanish yet, i've got a long way to go...a long way...

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