Monday, October 18, 2010

rafaela week 9 - oct 4

¡Hola Familia!
Well, i loved conference, the parts that i heard at least. we got to listen to sat morning in i didn't really understand any of that..couldn't go to sat. afternoon....and then we listened to almost all of sunday morning and afternoon conference in english! that was a treat. the elders some how figured it out and we all watched it in another room. But ya, i still have part of sunday and all of saturday to read in the Liahona, i´m excited! I love reading those. I find old ones in our pench and read them a lot for personal study. But ya, i definitely thought of conference at home, watching it together in our pjs, i kinda missed that. But how fun mom, that you got to go. what a treat!

This week in Rafaela...well, we found a couple scorpions in our pench. haha, that was fun. They weren't very big, and one of them was already dead. but this was the first time i have seen them. i hope they're not too poisonous. we'll be careful;) well, i'm so stoked for a couple of our investigadors! Marta and Luis accepted a baptismal date! they are going to get married and then baptized! they are so prepared, holy smokes, we do nothing, they are just so ready. it just show's that there are people out there that are prepared. they keep all their commitments, and want to live the laws and commandments. the ward already loves them. I feel like they are members already. they have 2 kids. Priscilla is 7 and Martin is 4 months. They are going to be so great, their baptism is the 23rd of October!

Also, Ruben is changing! for the better. he cut his hair and looks a little sharper, they came to conference this week and loved it! Ruben came to teach another one of our investigadors with us, so now he's helping us spread the gospel! and he even offered to pick them up for church! He is now volunteering to pray, when before we always had to ask him. It is so great! i think we baptized a good one!! And our ward is starting to pick up the pace. I am seeing changes in this ward! One of our members even noted it and thanked us. it's not us, that's for sure. sometimes i feel so unworthy of the blessings Heavenly Father gives us. But i think our ward is starting to come together because they have seen Ruben's change, and the success we have had with Marta and Luis who were a reference from a member, and now we have ward mission leader who is so strong, and we are getting more people to come and teach with us! and one of the members offered to do our laundry!!!! which means i have like 2 more hours on p-day to actually write letters instead of washing my clothes by hand! Why is the Lord blessing us. I don't even feel like i'm being obedient sometimes. We get out of our pench late in the mornings, we didn't run every day this week, we had an appointment with an investigador that was over an hour long (against the rules). these are the rules that we try to keep but aren't always exact on...these are the hard rules to keep. But i think the Lord sees that we are trying and He blesses us.

Well. ya. i don't know what else to say. The Gospel is real. It is so great to have a living prophet on the earth today. The gospel is living, not dead. thanks for your prayers. there are definitely days i struggle to stay focused and give it my all, so i thank you for your love and support. have i told you guys how much i love you? because i really do, a lot a alot a lot. i´m really grateful for you guys, for parents who gave me the greatest gift, the gospel! i hope you are all well. Kris, i was amazed at BYU why there were so many good looking guys but never in my ward either, just keep looking. Keep going strong with school Jules, high school only comes once. Jodi, stay away from the boys, you still have 9 more months before you are 16. Sarah, make and keep good friends,they are the best. and most importantly, seek the guidance of the Lord in all that you do. mom and dad, apply what you have just learned, love eachother, support eachother, and be continue to be good examples for your kids.
until next week,

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