Monday, October 25, 2010

rafaela week 12 - oct 25

Hola mis padres!

Hey. So guess what! I'm still in Rafaela! Hna. Hansen got transferred, which was sad, i really love that girl. My new comp. Is Hna. Garcia! She is from Paraguay! She is so rad. Super sweet, and is so funny too. so far we've had a lot of fun together. It really is a blessing from the Lord too, because i need help with my spanish. But she said my pronunciation is really good! And i understand most what she says, but i can see improvement already with the language. It's really good for me too because i'm at a point where i can communicate with her enough to ask how to say something, or if i don't understand she can explain it to me.

So…Oscar was baptized! Oh my goodness! It was such a miracle. He went to the hospital just a few days before and i was just praying that he would be feel better and have good health for Saturday. And the Lord answered our prayers! We had a few of the men in our ward help him out, and it went really well. Oscar said that when he was in the water he didn't feel any pain in his legs, which was a blessing for him. We also had the baptism of Gianella! She is 9 years old…her family has been less active, but she has had a good influence on her family and they have been coming to church. Her grandpa was able to baptize her. The spirit was really strong. She is such a sweet little girl! Now we need to continue teaching them because the work is not done. Especially Oscar, because we went to his house after his baptism (with my new comp.) she said that he cusses a lot. Which i never knew because i can't tell the difference!…so we're going to teach him about keeping his words clean.

I can't believe luke is coming home! Thanks for sending me his last letter! When he was talking about the whole NOE thing, we totally do the same thing, but with OLA. Because in spanish OLA is a wave. And we say that you have to ride the wave until you get to the island (eternal life). The O is for pray…the L is for leer…to read…and the A is for Asisiter the iglesia…attend church. And we tell them that there is a shark, which is satan, and that the shark will eat them if they don't ride the OLA. I love teaching this though, because it is so true…these are the things we have to do always. This is how we persevere to the end. When familias or people are struggling, we ask them if they are doing these three things…along with Family home evening. And they usually say no. And this is why they are struggling. There will always be trials, but if we continue to do these things the Lord will bless us and help us. I know that.

Oh man. I love this church so much! I love the gospel of Jesus christ. I gave a talk in church yesterday, and bore my testimony at the end, and before i could say anything i just started to cry. I know this is the Lord's true church, again established on the Earth. I am so grateful to be a member, and am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to be a missionary! I am so glad i came out on a mission. It blesses my life everyday.

I have to go. I will send pics next week. Know that i love you all, and am so very grateful for your love. Until next week.

Todo mi amor,

Hna. amundsen

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