Monday, September 6, 2010

rafaela week 5 - sept 6

Hey FAM!

So good to hear from you. I can't tell you how much I love your letters. Jules – you are correct about the driving here, it's CRAZY! They have laws that they do obey, but they cut each other off, and I don't know…I wouldn't want to drive here.

Sorry about not sending pics recently. I really want to, but the computers I use don't work that great, so I can't right now. Dad, also…do you have some back exercises I can do? Or maybe mindy knows something I can do. I run everyday and do crunches…but my back faults something. Also…Sarah, we are teaching a couple 12 year old girls right now. Their totally obsessed with the Jonas bros. they are really great girls but I wanted to see if maybe you could write your testimony, or have some words of advice for these girls. One (Veronica) she comes to church every Sunday with her grandma and cousin who are members, but she is scared to get baptized because she doesn't want a calling, or to have to give a talk in church. And she is afraid that she won't always be able to come to church after she is baptized. Maybe there is something you could say to her, or an experience you have that you could relate to her! Or Julie or Jodi, if you have words of advice - I am all ears.

This week was kinda special for me though. I am starting to feel my love for these people grow. We had a couple of rainy days this week, which was kind of fun! (I have a rain coat that I inherited from hna. Redfern) And we went and contacted this reference that we had. The family that gave us this reference is the bishop's fam. (the Rohrmanns) the reference went really well. It was a younger couple with 2 little kids. They said the Rohrmanns had invited them to church before, but they had never gone. We invited them and they accepted for this next Sunday. Then during fast and testimony meeting Hna. Rohrmann got up to bear her testimony and thanked us for going out and working in the rain. She talked to this family after we had been to see them, she said they were excited to come to church next Sunday. It was very sweet. Then last night, we had a lesson with the familia Garza like we always do, and at the end Ruben (the dad) just went off and told us how much he appreciated us. He said they were so lucky to have us, that we come and talk with them and laugh and bear our testimonies and talk about the love that we have for our families and he said it just touches his heart and that he is just really grateful for us. They say they miss us when we don't pass by, they always tell us that. He said we are like that plant that eats flies, (venus fly trap or something) that we are so beautiful and appetizing and we just trap our investigators. It's all the spirit. But I really love that family. Ruben is getting baptized the 23rd of this month! We are excited!

Oscar is doing good. He didn't get baptized because you have to come to church 2 times before, and he has only come once. He always seems to have an excuse, I told him that too. I told him I don't think he really wants to get baptized, that I know he's been sick, but that he's feeling better and why doesn't he come with us. He says he really wants to get baptized but that really his health is not good. And then he said maybe he shouldn't get baptized because he knows he won't be able to come to church after so maybe it's better that he has no baptism. But he knows the gospel is true, that this is God's church restored to the earth once again. We are going to talk to President. But we told Oscar about the special sacrament, and what not.

But ya, that's what is happening. The ward is pretty great here, it's actually a branch. We have a chapel that we share with another branch (the elders have that branch). We had a member come with us this week and do some teaching to a couple menos activos, and she was really great with them! And we just learned this week that we are to focus right now on menos activos and part member families. So we'll see how that goes, i'm kinda excited actually.

Mom will you tell clare I got her letter! And thank her. Can't believe she is going to Idaho! How exciting! Tell her to watch out for those boys. I hope luke is doing alright with his amebas, I don't know what that really means but I hope he feels better. I apologize to everyone that has written to me and has not received a letter back. Usually grocery shopping, washing our clothes by hand, writing our families takes up the whole time. But know that I appreciate it so much.

Alright. Love you guys! Until next week. Thanks for your prayers.

Todo mi amor

Hna. amundsen

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