Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rafaela week 7 - sept 20

Thanks for your letter dad, i know what you mean.. the opportunities that we have to serve in the church are really for our own benefit. We are the ones that do the most growing as we try and help others. Well this week should be interesting. Tomorrow i will have been in the mission for 5 months, that´s pretty cool! Tonight we are going to Santa Fe. We will be staying with hnas. Kusilek and Peterson. I will be working with Hna. Kusilek in their area until Friday, while our comps go to this big training thing. like luke said in one of his letters, they have made some changes, and now they are trying to teach everyone how to be better missionaries. I´m excited! we could always use some help!

so..we have a mission leader!!! we are so excited! i have never had one, because the one in venado tuerto was inactive. His name is Guillermo Franco (you could probably google him because he plays soccer as his work). He´s in his late 20´s, returned missionary, has a super cute wife and a kid, and he is super organized and just stoked to help us out and get the ward exctied about missionary work! This is big because we could really use some help.

Also we have a baptism this weekend! which we are kinda stressed about because we are going to be out of town til friday night. but, it´s Ruben Garza...Gaston´s dad. We are stoked for him though. The only thing with him is his silly kiosco that they still refuse to close on sunday. so instead of coming to church every sunday, he will come every other sunday...i hope we can change that.

So yesterday in church, we were talking about the sabbath day in gospel Principals. And Alicia Garza (ruben´s wife) was there. (the bishop´s daughter, carla, teaches the class...whom i love, she is amazing, served a mission, and just knows so much and i can understand her better than anyone else when she talks!) And we started talking about working on sunday, because Guillermo (who was also there) plays soccer on sunday for his work, and so sometimes he can´t come to church. so we talked about how the Lord understands that. and then Alicia says something like.."ya, exactly, it´s the same for us. Because we have a store and we can´t close it on sunday because we have had this store here for the last 40 years, and the people are just used to it being open."and what not...and i was like, oh no! she is totally taking this wrong, she doesn´t understand that Guillermo has a boss, and no choice, but they have a choice because it´s their store. Anyway. Carla says,¨"ok, lets talk about commandments for a second here..." and she explained how we receive blessings from keeping commandments. and then she shared a story from her mission where basically the same thing happened. And how this couple that owned this bakery closed their store on sunday, and the lord blessed them to have twice as many customers every saturday. and how not only were they now keeping the sabbath day holy, but they were also helping others to keep the sabbath day holy. I am so grateful for Carla, for the members here, there are really some great members here.

oh! we totally had a door slammed in our faces this week! haha. We went to visit this family that had been taught once or twice before in the past. And when we went the dad was home. "Mr. Cerda" he opens the door, excited to see us. "Hnas.! Pasen pasen!" which is like "Come in, come in!" so we asked if his wife was home, he said, that no one was home, just him. and then he repeated "pasen, Pasen!, don´t you trust me!" we said, we want to come in, but we have a rule that there needs to be another woman. and then we was like "don´t come back again!" and slammed the door really hard in our faces. i looked at my comp, and laughed. I was like, he´s kidding right?! because it happened so fast, his mood just changed so fast. But he really meant it. so we walked away, moved on, but we were like, that was so weird!!

Anyways. That´s about it. Right now we have this awesome couple Marta y Luis. they have come to church the past 2 weeks and are progressing really fast. they are really good friends of the bishop´s family, and are already talking about getting baptized! but they just have to get married! they have 2 little kids, but they are so great and really want to do what is right. But that is what is going on with me right now. This week will be weird, but i´m excited to work with Hna. Kusilek in Santa Fe! she is way rad!

Well. The gospel is true. i´m so grateful to have the truth on our side when we teach, especially when we have a run in with Testigos de sat...haha. it´s so great to know that the Lord is behind us in this work. I love the pure and simple doctrine! i love it! love it! love it! And i love you guys too! A LOT! i really am grateful for my family:) even when my mom forgets about me :) (totally kidding mom, don´t feel bad. i know you are busy and that you really do love me). until next week.
todo mi amor con todo mi corazon,
hermana amundsen

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