Monday, July 26, 2010

venado tuerto 5 - july 26

Hola familia!

How are you? It´s so great to hear from you and to have your support. I can´t believe how lucky I am sometimes, to have had the family that I have. Thank you for teaching me the principles of the gospel and how important every little thing is. A lot of members don´t realize that they actually have to obey every commandment. Like family prayer, and reading their scriptures, or not buying things on Sunday. But mom, you are so right. Obedience is key to everything. Our faith is a gift that we receive from being obedient. And the more obedient we are, the stronger our faith grows.

Already I have learned lessons that have changed the way I view things. I knew these things, but now I FEEL and really KNOW the importance of these things. The simple things are so important, and we need to show our Heavenly Father that we put him first in our lives. Something I learned is how important it is to serve. People here hold grudges if they were sick and members didn´t come to visit them. Some even go inactive because of it. It´s so sad. One less active member just let us have it the other night. I, of course didn´t understand a word of it, but it brought my comp to tears and we learned the importance of looking for opportunities to serve and strengthen others.

Well, we had another baptism this week!! A little boy named Diego Suarez. He´s so funny. The day of his baptism we found out he is not 9, but actually 8 (he tells us he is 9 every time we ask him so we just believed him). But it was so cute, he prayed that he could get baptized. And then after his baptism he was dancing, and running around, so happy. His 2 older brothers want to be baptized as well, and his mom Maria is not a member, but she has a testimony and wants to be baptized so bad! She always comes to church, she just has to get married. She is having trouble with that, because the process is kinda retarted, but she´s tried 4 times to talk to them. We actually went with her 2 of the times. But she is so great!

But I am enjoying the mission. It´s starting to feel a little more like home here. I was thinking that the other day as we were walking down the street, and then I looked into the window of a store to see 2 dogs sleeping among the things displayed, and was reminded again of how lucky I am to be here. It´s so great to experience a different culture and see the world a little differently. But I am learning so many great things.

The other day we taught a mom and son who are evangelists. They know their scriptures and started throwing questions at us, just trying to prove us wrong. But honestly all it did was strengthen my testimony so much more. Every question they had, we had an answer. I know the spirit guided us through that lesson. The doctrine of the church is pure and simple. It just makes sense. It breaks my heart when we talk to those kinds of people. But the great thing is, the work goes forward. There are people here that are ready for us, and we have had some great experiences. The language is tough. But I am trying to be humble, to be patient, and to learn and grow.

My shin splints have been fine by the way. They are practically gone. And before, the pain wasn´t much, I just knew that I was starting to get them. But i´ve been massaging and icing them, and the Lord is doing the rest. He is taking care of me. I just wasn´t sure if I trusted the doctor´s way of treating them, but it´s all good.

Dear elders we get every zone conference, and any other time the ZL go to the mission home, or the APs come here. I just got a letter from mindy today. Tell her thanks! I was so excited to read it. That´s awesome about Bishop Facer, how exciting!

Thanks for all your love and support. I am well. Just ending my first transfer here in argentina!! We´ll be going to the mission home next week to send hna. Redfern home! I love you! Thanks for all your love and support!

Todo mi amor,

Hermana amundsen

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