Friday, July 23, 2010

venado tuerto 4 - july 19

hola mi familia.
Thanks for your letters, loved them! I miss your homemade bread mom! i can´t believe joseph is getting hitched! I didn´t even know he had a girlfriend until you told me he was getting married a couple weeks ago. But that will be awesome to have the family down for that.
Well, a lot of things happened this week I feel like. One thing I am learning is how many flaws and weaknesses I have. The mission kinda takes all your weaknesses and just lays them out for you. I´m learning how prideful and impatient I really am. Ether 12:27 is literally coming to pass for me. I am coming unto the Lord and He is showing me my weaknesses. But it´s all good, because that is how we learn, it is how we improve and become better. I pray for humility and the Lord answers my prayers. But I love that I am learning!
Well, some bad news….i have shin splints…yay! I could feel them coming on. I went to the doctor, he said I needed new shoes. I haven´t been able to wear my inserts because my feet fall out with them in, so I put them in my running shoes. And we didn´t even run this week because it was soooo cold outside. But I got new shoes today with a strap, so I should be able to wear the inserts now. But I talked to the doc a bunch because I had doubts, so I figured I would do everything that he asked me to do and see how it goes. I also got a blessing, and I feel that if I do everything I can to keep them from getting worse, that the Lord will bless me and allow me to work. They have been ok. They aren´t bad at all, I´m just worried they will get worse. But I have been icing them and massaging them, and they actually feel a little better. But just continue to pray for meJ
But, the mission is going great! I had my first baptism!! And also taught our first lesbian couple (they are really interested actually)! But the baptism was so great. But let me tell you, the adversary was working so hard on this family this week. Rodolfo is the last one to be baptized in his family. This means that the family can now start working on going to the temple together! But the adversary new that, and this whole week was really hard on them. The wife wasn´t even going to come to the baptism. But luckily everything went smoothly. And Rodolfo made it! But it was such a great baptism! The spirit was so strong, and the whole family was there. I think it definitely brought them together again. It definitely gave me a stronger desire to work and find others who are prepared!
Well I love you, am working hard, and have no more time to write to you and tell you all about all the things I would like too. But know that I am well. Thanks so much for your love and support. Hermana Amundsen!

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