Monday, July 12, 2010

venado tuerto 3 - july 12


well, once again you shall not receive pictures, because i havn´t quite figured out how to do it yet. sorry! i loved your letters! thanks jules for writing me, now you just gotta get jodi, sarah, and kris to do it too! kittens...haha, they´ll be good for keeping the mice and rabbit population down. and just so you know, happy fathers day! and happy birthday jodi! i can´t tell you how many times i thought of those 2 events, and everytime i come to type up this e-mail it disappears. but know that i thought about you guys! and those special occasions! that´s awesome about the baptisms! the spirit is definitely there, it´s such a special moment. And thanks for sending luke´s letters! it´s so great to hear about the success he is having with those families! my comp. shared a scripture with me the other day and it totally describes how i feel about hearing the work going on in other places. Alma 29:13-16, and especially from luke, it gives me a lot of hope to hear about his success because we are praying to find a family right now!

mom, i don´t think you should worry about me getting too skinny. lunch here is a big meal, so we always eat a lot for lunch, and it´s always super yummy! there are so many things i want to learn to cook! But exercise is good, my comp and i have been going running in the mornings, but we stopped for like 2 weeks because i was sick, but since i am almost 100 percent now, we have been running again. this morning it was super cold!! it´s below zero celcius today. we were hanging up our luandry to dry outside, and our fingers were dying! and i stopped sleeping with a sweatshirt because it´s actually not that bad at night. really, today has probably been the coldest. and as far as everything being in spanish, it´s kinda weird, especailly on the computer, but it´s not bad. this morning i had to get money out of an atm (the mission gives us a card and sends us money) and i couldn´t do anything by myself cuz it´s all in spanish!! ....but the people have been super patient with me, oh my goodness i love the members here!
so the Lord really blessed us this week! we have a baptism this sat. for Rodolfo Rivoira! He is the father of a family that has been getting baptised one by one. His family is so great, he is just the last one! We were worried about them not coming to church this week though because his wife was upset about some money that was stolen from Julian (their 19 yr old son) at a church activity. So we went over sat night to go teach them, and they had 2 of julian´s friends over who don´t believe in God. So we ended up teaching them. But the Lord works in miraculous ways, and Griselda (the mom) bore her testimony, and helped teach the lesson, and when we left she said she would come to church tomorrow. Teaching someone else the truths that you know, really strengthens your own testimony, and the Lord knew that was what she needed.
my favorite day this week was sunday. We´ve been struggling all week with trying to get new investigators, but the ones that we do have, are becoming so solid. One is Ademar, he is 28 and does not believe in God. Other missionaries have been teaching him, but he is only just now begining to pray and to read, and he came to church this sunday! Also a girl named Belen who is 19. Her boyfriend Sebastian (21 yrs old) is a member who is less active, but Sebastian´s family is amazing! la familia Rocha. (ademar is a cousin of theirs) but Sebastian smokes, and hasn´t been active in the church, but as we have been teaching Belen, you can see the changes in the both of them. I love these 2 so much! Sebastian jokes around with me all the time, mostly because i can´t understand what he is saying. But this week we had an amazing lesson with them, the spirit was so strong, i walked away feeling so good and i told my comp i want every lesson to be like that. But it has been amazing to see their desire to change, and to actually watch it take place, and most of it has occurred this week. And when they came to church, along with our other investigators, i felt soooo good. i wish i could describe it, i sat in sacrament meeting and just thanked my heavenly father. i looked at sebastian and belen with this big old smile on my face and kinda bobbed my shoulders up and down a little bit (i can´t describe it) and sebastian and belen just laughed and sebastian asked my comp what was up with me.(i figure that´s what he asked) she was like, She´s just happy! (i was so happy!)
this work is definitely not easy, i am so tired at the end of the day from all our walking, but it´s totally worth it! it´s so awesome the things i am learning here. and my comp is great, because she has learned all these things from being here and is now setting goals for herself for when she returns home in 3 weeks. the things i am learning are so important, i´m lucky i have this opportunity.

by the way...i actually can´t receive e-mails from friends, i was misinformed. but you can still send dear elders to the Rosario Mission! that way you don´t have to pay for postage;) i got one from aunt tami, tell her thanks for me! i loved it. also jules, i don´t have time to write to you separately this time, i hope i can sometime. don´t worry about singles ward though, right now just focus on the here and the now, and how you can be an example to the younger girls. remember when you were younger and how you looked up to the older girls. but you can hang out with the singles people during the week and what not, but ask heavenly father why it is that he wants you in the home ward right now, because he has a plan for you. but i loved your letter. thanks for the pics! send pics every week if you can! pero, yo tengo que ir, entonces, hasta luego!

todo mi amor,
hermana amundsen!

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