Thursday, March 17, 2011

la paz 2 - march 14

Hey family

Thanks for your letters and the pictures. Sarah looks a lot older in the pictures, so that is kind of weird. But glad to hear she had a fun birthday. She's getting to know a lot of people. It's really an opportunity to share the gospel, sarah, you can be a good influence on your friends, because junior high is where a lot of kids start making a lot of mistakes when they don't have the gospel in their lives. Love you girl. I don't know what I want for my birthday. Nothing really. Just save money so I can buy new clothes when I get home. Haha, cuz i'm so sick of the ones that I have…which reminds me, mom…i've been pulling money out of my personal account. Can you tell me how much money I have in there? I've only pulled money out twice I think, but i'll probably do it again soon.

Another week on the mission. Wow. This week went by a little smoother for us. I don't think I have had so many new investigators in one week. I now understand why there were like 100 in the area book when we arrived. A lot of people are willing to listen, but a lot of them aren't really looking to progress. So that's kind of what we've been dealing with this week, a lot of new investigators. So we are trying to find those that are really willing to change, because we can't do anything if they don't do anything.

We did find a family this week. The familia MiƱo. We contacted Miguel on the street at the beginning of the week, and we passed by on Saturday. Miguel was heading out the door, so we stayed and taught his wife and his oldest son. There are 6 kids, the oldest is 15 years old. So we taught Lorena (the mom) and she was really receptive, and even asked us what time church started on Sunday because she wanted to go. So we made plans to walk to the church together the next morning. I was so stoked…this is a 40 min walk that they are willing to make as a family to go to the church!

So Sunday morning my comp and I made the 40 min trek to their house. But it had rained the night before and the climate had changed from a hot day sat. to a cold windy day Sunday. And when we got there Miguel was outside, he said he didn't think they were going to be able to go. So he goes inside to talk to his wife for a sec. and i'm sitting there thinking…they’re not coming, it was just too good to be true. And out walks Miguel, dressed up and ready to go. I almost exploded with excitement. He told us the rest of the family wasn’t going to be able to attend…and explained a little what was going on, but told us that he would go with us and next time the family would come. But I was so stoked just to have Miguel come. And he was so great, he was so friendly with everyone. We only had about 24 people in church…and we only had sacrament meeting because the church building is half destroyed because they are remodeling it. We have an appointment with them tonight. I hope everything goes well.

But we are having a problem with the new members, they haven’t been coming to church, so we gotta try and help out those that were recently baptized too. We went to one this week…Juan Manuel…he told us that he had never received an answer from God that the church was true, he’s never prayed to know, so we talked a lot about that and how he can receive an answer and how crucial that is.

I have a question, is there any proof that the change in climate makes us sick? Because here I am, walking in the street all day, rain or shine, and people won’t leave their houses because it’s a little chillier. I know the climate can weaken your immune system, but sometimes I think it’s just silly the excuses. Like we were in a taxi, and it was really hot outside and the driver wouldn’t turn on the air conditioner because it would make him sick to have cool air blowing on him…

Anyway. I love you guys a lot. Good luck with your trial dad. Almost over! Just another week or two. Oh, and my comp is totally improving! She talks a lot more to me now too, and in lessons. She’s pretty cool. love you guys. Til next week.

Todo mi amor,

hna amundsen

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