Friday, April 15, 2011

la paz 3 - march 21

Hey hey hey

Well, today has been a good day. we spent all morning clearing the pench…and sweated a little here and there. This week was a good week. I don’t really know where to begin…the flia. Miño didn’t come to church…we dropped by them this week and they weren’t home, and gave them a call…it turns out they were both super busy this week with work, Miguel got some work and so he was pretty stoked about that. But the people here walk pretty much everywhere. If you have a car it’s because you have money…most don’t have a car. They think it’s crazy that in the United States we drive everywhere we go. But everything is close here…everything is just little here…little stores and little houses, so it’s easy to walk.

But ya, I don’t know if it’s just Argentina, but people do have problems with commitments here. I am pretty sure it’s a cultural thing. It seems though, that where the church is a little bigger, the members take it a little more seriously. But what do you do? We are looking for people that are willing to make and keep commitments. Here, there have been quite a few baptisms recently, but they haven’t been coming to church. So we are trying to work with the new converts and look for new people.

I am getting better at contacting…that’s always been a struggle for me, talking to random people, but here i’ve been really trying to step it up. And I’m getting better. The other day we had district meeting and the zone leaders were like, “how many contacts have you done today?” well, we had had only 2 hours of work before the meeting and I was feeling super good about myself, we had contacted 8 people and taught a lesson…2 new people who we invited to be baptized. So I was like “we have 8! How many do you guys have?” ….”23”….what…how? so then I asked, “but you guys didn't teach this morning did you?” …they responded, “ya, we taught a lesson, 2 new people.”…and then comes the encouragement, “you can totally do 20 people in an hour hermana.” So here we go, “we got this” I keep thinking to myself (something I learned from Sarah Davis), “we can totally do this.” So far…we have not had 20 in an hour, but we are getting better. It’s kinda hard when your comp doesn’t contact though, i've gotta go double, but it forces me to learn. but our zone is pretty awesome, they do a lot of encouraging.

Nothing super exciting happened that I can think of. We found some cool people, the trouble is finding and teaching them again. But the Lord is blessing me a lot. I have learned so much on the mission I feel like. It’s a one of a kind experience for sure. But I love the gospel!

The photos look really fun. I loved mormon prom. Super cute dress jules. I am so stoked to have normal clothes when I come home…I think we'll be sharing a lot of clothes between us girls. Oh I hit 11 months in the mission today!!! Almost a year. Also, how is tandy over there in Japan? I don’t know if she is close, but have your guys heard anything? Anyway. I better go. I love you guys. Thanks for writing me!

Love, kari

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