Friday, April 15, 2011

la paz 4 - march 28

Hey! Hows it going?

So today is my birthday! I don't want to be 22! 21 was perfect. Don’t have much of a choice though do i? anyway… so this week was cool. Literally. We got lots of rain. And here our area is mostly campo…so that means mud. The first day it rained we were on a dirt road…and the mud was a little different there, in that it just stuck and kept accumulating. So I started kicking with every step, so that a little dirt would fly off, so that my shoes didn’t become platforms. So I kicked…and off flew my shoe….and landed in the mud in front of me. My comp (who was behind me) immediately broke out in laughter. I turned and looked at her. She was laughing pretty hard. Luckily my shoe flew up higher rather than farther, so it landed only a few feet away, and I hopped over and put it back on; nearly falling into the mud. But I didn’t learn my lesson, because it happened again shortly after. I thought I could keep it on. I was wrong.

Well…so we are teaching this kid names Ivan Gomez. He is so rad! He is 11 years old, and loves to play soccer. We actually taught his dad (Carlos) last week, and at the end of the lesson carlos’s wife got home. And she was like…”my son has one of those books, he has been reading it, and wants to go to your church and be baptized” I looked at my comp…”we better talk to your son then!” and just then Ivan walks up. It turns out the other sister missionaries here before us had taught Ivan and his brothers once, and had left a Book of Mormon. So we have been teaching him.

He has come to church twice now, and when we go over to teach he is always super excited to learn. And one of his best friends is Rual Ortiz…who is a member of the church. But Raul’s parents are inactive, so Raul goes to church sometimes with his grandma, but not that often. It was so funny though…the other day we were teaching Ivan and Raul, and Ivan goes, “wait, so you have to always keep going to church?” and I nodded my head, “yup, that’s right” and Ivan immediately looks over at Raul, with that face like, you’re not doing what you are supposed to be doing. It was so funny. Raul was like, “what!” But Ivan will be a good influence on him.

Earlier this week we invited Ivan to pray about the church and promised him that he would receive an answer. The next time we passed by, Ivan was like, “I prayed!” he told us that he was in his room with his brothers and sisters, and the lights were off, getting ready to sleep, and so he turned to the wall and said a prayer, asking if the church was true. “and how did you feel?” I asked him. And he puts his hand over his heart and pats it a couple times, “I felt it right here, just like you said! It felt really good!”

Ahhh man. I have to go right now. Sorry I can’t keep writing. Pray that I can be strong, and have desires to serve the Lord and not be afraid to talk to people! Thanks for your letters and your birthday wishes. This morning at 7am we went to the elder’s pench…they had called us and told us to come over. And we got there and they had bought facturas! These yummy donut-like pastries. And then we had comp study all together where we got to share our favorite scripture and our favorite part out of preach my gospel. It was cool.

Anyway. I love you guys so much!!!! Dad, awesome job with the whole trial. Congratulations!!!! And I loved the stories from when I was little. They made me laugh. And I got your letter from last week. And the other pic mom. Thanks for being so great. I love hearing from you guys!

Todo mi amor,

hna. amundsen

rain brings mosquitos!


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