Friday, April 15, 2011

la paz 6 - april 12

Dad. Mom. Kris. Julie. Jodi. Sarah.

Hey guys.

Welp. Ivan got baptized! It was a beautiful day. He is such a good kid, he just is strong, and knows it’s true. I expect great things from him…we’ll try working with his family, I don’t know how it will go…his dad was the first person we taught actually. Presidente Quintana baptized Ivan after church on Sunday. It was a quick service…but it went smoothly and I felt the spirit. Now we just gotta keep it up with him, and help him continue

to progress. The good thing is he already has friends that are members.

We had some interesting experiences with people this week, a few just walked away while we were talking to them…they didn’t say anything, just turned and walked away. It was really weird. People answering their door, and before we get a word out just started shaking their head and saying “no” over and over again…we were just wanting to ask if they knew where someone lived…Also a lesson where the people were totally distracted, it was like we weren’t even there…but then others that went really well.

We are teaching a mom right now named Cecilia. She is like 26 or 28… and has 3 kids. We talked to her about baptism this week. And at first she didn’t get it. So we explained again…the authority to baptize and the importance of Joseph Smith who received the priesthood. And then her mom walked in (who we are also teaching), and Cecilia turns to her mom and tells her we are inviting her to be baptized. And her mom was like, “and what did you say?” Cecilia-“I told them yes” (she had not told us “yes” yet…) and then her mom-“but Cecilia, you were already baptized and baptism is a one time thing…like marriage” Cecilia-“ya mom, it’s a one time thing, but you have to be baptized correctly the one time.” I sat there, and was just loving it. Cecilia wanted us to explain to her mom. We never got to finish though because we had to go. So we’ll see what happens with Cecilia…she is either married or living with someone, we met her "husband" though, and he was really nice, so hopefully we can help this family. The kids are awesome, we turned the corner the other day and they were outside playing with the neighborhood kids…and I looked up and they were all running toward us! Coming to say hi, and “watch what I can do!!” it was great. I love the little neighborhood kids.

Well, still in La Paz. Mom…another favor…could you get Courtney Facer’s address and Sarah Davis’s address…or where they will be in like a month…I’m writing them letters but don’t have their addresses, thanks. I hope the study group picks up, I’m sure it will. We are trying to get an activity started here that happens twice a month…the members here are difficult sometimes! I hope one day it will be thriving like you said. Patience and hard work. I love you guys a lot! I pray for you all the time. I look forward to talking to you guys in less than a month! I’ll be here in la paz. Until next week. The church is still true!

Love, kari

(Christmas Card from the Holmes family!)

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