Monday, March 7, 2011

san nicolas 11 - march 1

Well…the unexpected happened. I left San Nicolas. Right now I am sitting in a ciber in the city La Paz which is in the province “entre rios.” This is the place I have been wanting to go to. It's really green and pretty and it's right next to a giant river. I am doing a white wash with a mini missionary. It's crazy!! All the hermanas in the mission changed early for transfers….normally we don't have transfers til tomorrow, but because 6 hermanas went home we had to move around yesterday. So I got a call Sunday morning from the assistants, telling me what I was going to do. This is harder than last transfer. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, just thinking about how I am going to do it…(a white wash with a member who is set apart for this short time…that has not been through the MTC.) my comp just looked at me and said, “you can tell president has a lot of confidence in you.” So here I go again, putting my trust in the Lord and just hoping that He knows what He is doing.

So we just got here about an hour or two ago. We dropped off our stuff in the pench and came here to write. So far so good. It was easier to leave san Nicolas than it was to leave Rafaela. My last comp was really great, I loved her a lot, and we had a lot of fun together. She is staying in san Nicolas and they put back together the 2 wards again for the missionaries. She'll do just fine though.

So, funny story. So we ate with the Patriarch of the stake and his wife the other week. Their last name is Morera. He's older and so we got to talking about their conversion and what not. It turns out he was baptized by an Elder Graff about 50 years ago or so. I told him about Brother Graff and he says…”the son of Elder Graff also served in Argentina and came to visit here one time. I took a picture with him”…so he pulls it out and I just started laughing. I couldn't believe it. I was looking at a young Jeff Graff. So there you have it! I'm sure he will be pleased to know that his father's convert is now the Patriarch of San Nicolas. They had 5 kids, all active in the church, with grandchildren, many of whom have served missions. One just got back today, and another is still serving. The picture with the members outside the church…3 of those girls are his granddaughters and the man on the very left is his son…also “Morera.” It's so neat to see how a missionary can have such an effect…one baptism blesses so many people's lives.

My last week in San Nicolas was great. A lot better than the one before. Missionary work is tough, but I am still so glad that I came out to serve. A girl from my ward in san Nicolas got back from her mission and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting. She said that the mission was a lot harder than she ever thought, but that she learned more than she had ever thought. And it's so true! The lessons here are priceless. There is no other time like it. I feel I am really learning to put off my own desires and do the will of the Lord…even when I don't want to. It's a process, a purifying process, and I am learning. But I love this gospel with all my heart! I know it's true.

Mom, the recording worked. I loved it! That story was hilarious to me! What a small world. Tell luke I got the package he sent to me! I was so very excited. That was really nice. But your package hasn't arrived yet mom. I'm sure it will get here soon. And dad, thanks for letting me know about the mission president…maybe mom can take a photo of their photo. It would be cool to see. I also got to say goodbye to hermana Hansen yesterday, she is a little nervous, but excited. It was neat to see all the sisters leaving and say goodbye to them. I also got news of Rafaela…the ward just keeps growing, and our converts are going strong! I was so excited to hear about them! Anyways…I gotta go. I love you guys a lot. Good luck with the trial dad! And mom with the calling! I'll write next week.

Todo mi amor

hna. amundsen

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