Thursday, February 24, 2011

san nicolas 10 - feb 21

Hola familia.

Well, i didn't get any packages on Tuesday. But I did get a letter from Mindy and one from Luke. So that was exciting! Tell them thanks for me. I remember very well who Uncle Nebs is. I thought that was so sweet to hear that he wanted to be with Norma for Valentines day. I'm sure it will be great to go and see the family and remember Uncle Nebs and his life. It's just the next step in our progression to become like our Heavenly Father. What mission is Tanner going to? Because Hna. Villareal (who we live with) is from Columbia and she goes home in 7 weeks. And then another kid in our ward just got back from there.

So, I hit my 10 month mark today! Tandy will hit her year mark in 3 days! Sometimes I feel like I have been here forever and other times like i'm still new. Well, i'm not sick of summer yet. I have been pretty lucky I guess. Because it has not been that hot here. Like, ya, we sweat, but I have never been dripping or anything like the stories I heard of before. San Nicolas is just a cooler area. It's Santa Fe that is really really hot. (Rafaela is in Santa Fe).

Anyway…this week was pretty hard. The conference went great. They are always long. We just have a lesson, and then we practice, lesson and then practice, lesson practice, lesson practice….all day. But they help. And I always learn something new and feel the spirit. And then we had 2 good days…wed and thurs. we were running around from appt to appt. and then Friday and Saturday came and we walked, and walked. And it was really hard. We tried to contact references, and visit our investigators. We ended up dropping 4 of our investigators this week. We had trouble finding new investigators, but we did have some tender mercies too. We taught Sandra this week. She is the young widow with 3 kids. We taught her about the plan of salvation and eternal marriage. She liked it, she said we brought her some peace that day. She read everything we had left for her and she started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning. I was in awe! She is really reading it and trying to understand it. She told us about Lehi´s vision about the rod of iron and stuff. It was cool!

Then on Sunday we had some blessings as well. On Thursday evening we went to teach 2 of our investigators, Ivana and Mauricio. We asked Ivana how she liked the church on Sunday. She didn´t like it. It was boring for her. She then pulls out her phone and shows us videos of her church that she has taken with her phone. Their priest (not sure what they call him) is like a miracle man. He heals people in the name of Jesus Christ, and she had videos to prove it. I´m still not sure if I believe it. But it was very loud and like calling out to God for help, and then some shaking and some music. The spirit just left the room. I just turned to my comp, “what should we teach?” she just shrugged her shoulders. They had already been taught lesson 1 (the Restoration). But we pulled it out and started teaching that. As soon as we began, I felt the spirit again. I felt power in my own words and we explained to them how God calls prophets in every dispensation.

We didn't get to finish the lesson. But we returned yesterday and we were able to finish it. I'm still not sure how much they understand. But we testified how the gospel can bless their family, because they started attending a church about 5 years ago and have seen a lot of blessings; a lot of changes in their lives. So we just testified how they can receive more. I don't know by what power this man does miracles. But I do know that in Mathew 24:24 there shall arise false prophets who shall shew great signs and wonders and shall deceive many. And I know the way that God has worked in the past, that He has always called prophets to guide His children on the earth. I know He has called Thomas S. Monson to be the Prophet right now. But I love this about the gospel, that we don´t have to understand the answers to everything, but we can look to the basics and the way God has worked in the past, and the spirit will help us know the truth.

Anyway. I better go. We are going to go check out this super giant catholic cathedral thing. I'll take some pics. Also…I have a cool story for Brother Graff…I met someone. I'll have to tell it next week cuz I gotta go. But I love you guys so much. Thanks for your prayers. There are definitely days where I think your prayers are the only thing that keeps me going.

Hna. amundsen

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