Sunday, February 13, 2011

san nicolas 6 - jan 24

Hey hey hey!

How is everyone! Well. I’m alive! So far so good. Oh my goodness i was so nervous this week! So i went to the misión home on Wednesday to pick up my new companion, my “hija”…there were 6 hermanas in total that were training. 4 of the girls that are training are finishing up their missions this transfer, and the other one, Hna. Kusilek, has over a year in the misión. So when i got there i was like….what am i doing here?! I haven’t even been senior comp yet, i don't know what i am doing! I was really nervous. And Hna. Hansen was there! So i was super excited to see her. She was totally nervous too, so that made me feel a little better.

So my new comp is Hna. Amanda Leatham (sounds like “laythem”). She is from Manti, Utah. She is awesome! She loves music and reading, and she has a lot of desire to work, and to be obedient and really wants to be here. I love it! She knows a little bit more spanish than i knew, because she was in the intermédiate, but is finding that it’s hard to understand the accents here. But she is doing great.

We have been working hard this week! We’ve been doing lots of contacting and not a lot of teaching, but it’s alright because we gotta get a pool of investigators started. I have been absolutely exhausted from walking all day, but i know the blessings are coming, that it will be tough right now, but we’ll get going. We taught a few people this week, and had a couple interesting experiences. It’s been really good for me to have to step it up, i feel like I am learning a lot and relying on the Lord a lot too. And just trying to follow the spirit. I thought that i wouldn’t be scared to talk to people as a missionary, but i still get nervous to stop people on the street. But once i stop them, i’m fine, i just have to get passed that first step of stopping them.

But i really do love this church so much. I know that Lord is there for us whenever we need Him. This week i taught Gospel Principals class (in spanish…ya!) It was my first time teaching, and we talked about our Heavenly Father, His attributes and how we know God exists and how we can come to know Him better. But it is such a blessing to know i have the góspel in my life, and to know that i can turn to my Father whenever i need Him.

Dad. You gotta take it easy. You work too hard sometimes. You have to remember to balance it out. I read the conference talk by Uchtdorf this morning, about the important things. You should read it, from this last conference from sat. Morning. Mom, good to hear that you are doing well, thanks for sending off the packages! i’m excited to get them. And i’m glad to hear my plaque is finally up. Tell kris i hope he does well in clalculus. That’s gotta be tough. I love you guys so much! I continue to pray for you all that time. And i look forward to your letters every week. I’m doing well. It’s warm here…like 34’37 celcius…not sure what that is in farenheit. Anyway. I gotta go. Just know that my prayers are with you and that i am doing the Lord’s work.


Hna. amundsen

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