Friday, October 14, 2011

la paz 26 - sept 5


Sounds like a pretty hectic week. Good thing it’s a holiday, so that you guys can slow down just a bit. So marie and rick moved again!? So where are they now? And mom, I’m sure your lesson went well…I think that’s funny that you get more nervous to teach then you do to give a talk, I think I am the opposite.

And dad you are totally right about the spirit. This week was a good one. Our Sonia is progressing. She came to church yesterday, and it was fast and testimony meeting like you guys. Well, the spirit was really strong as the members bore their testimonies, and Sonia was in tears, I was too. She totally knows it’s true. She says she feels good whenever she is with us or at the church, and then when she is out she kinda loses that drive. Her family is kinda sorta supporting her. They always receive us well, and some of the kids are starting to ask some really good questions, but the parents are a little slower. And Sonia wants more than anything to have her family more united and have family prayer and things.

Something that really hit me this week was the importance of families. We have been studying the atonement as a mission, and the other day I was reading a talk called “the atonement” by Russell M. Nelson, and it hit me how key the family is. The earth was created so that the family could have a place to live…Adam and Eve fell so that they could have a family…and Christ died so that we can return to live with God and our families. We cannot inherit eternal life without our families. The temple is so key…it seals us together and helps us return to God and to become like him. This is why Satan works soooo hard to destroy the family, because it is soooo important. He has us believe that living together and not getting married is ok, that you can have relationships with your own gender, and all the other stuff because he knows that when we fall into these traps we cannot reach our potential to become like God.

The other day we were out with Perla, who is a member here…and we were out knocking doors. So, my turn. I clap my hands and out comes a lady and a couple dogs. She walks across the front lawn to the gate where we were. As we are chatting she opens the gate to let the dogs out. All the sudden I feel something warm on heels and look down to see one of the dogs walking away from me. I though maybe it had licked me. No. it had peed on me!!!! Well, I was in the middle of a conversation, so I couldn’t do anything. My comp was holding back a burst of laughter and Perla hadn’t even seen. Finally the lady leaves (didn’t want anything). And I pulled off my shoes and started to clean up a bit. Luckily it had hit mostly my shoes and only parts of my heels….and a little of my dress! We laughed sooo hard! We just kept working, we were far from home and I figured it wasn’t too bad. If you don’t get bit by a dog on your mission you get peed on. I’d rather get peed on I guess. The good thing was that the next house we knocked we found some way rad people! So hopefully we’ll get them going on the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life!

Enjoy the braces chicas! That’s about it. Thanks for your prayers and your love. I love you guys! I have the best family in the world!


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