Friday, October 14, 2011

la paz 25 - aug 29


well. thanks for the letters and the info. Keep those legs tan jodes. That’s sweet that sara is married. I’m sure a lot more weddings happened while I was gone that I didn’t even hear about. That’s so cool mom that you get to help out so much with the missionary work. Hopefully the weather is still hot when I get back….this whole double winter thing is not my favorite. But it was actually super nice here this week.

The zone conference was fun. Everyone kept saying…”oh my gosh! Hna. Amundsen, you’re dying aren’t you!!?” so that was kinda weird to hear. But the conference was really good. I learned a lot.

I realized something this week. I am loving more. I really feel my love growing for my companion and for the members. I’ve been praying a lot for that, and I feel like Heavenly Father is really answering my prayers and blessing me. Like the other day my comp was really upset with a member. And so I was able to remain calm, and the Lord really guided my steps until I could calm her down. (This was Sunday morning). And on our way to church I put my arm around her and said “hey, you’re going to be ok.” And then later, we saw that member and she was like “¡hug me hug me hug me!! It helped when you hugged me!” so I just laughed and gave her another hug. But when I showed her love, that’s when she was really able to relax.

Also…Sonia is going to be baptized the 17th of sept. But she didn’t come to church on Sunday, and we don’t know why. They didn’t answer the phone. But we have a cita with them tonight, so we’ll see what’s up. The mom, Delia, doesn’t like it when we invite them to come to church and to be baptized…she wants to take her own time and listen, but without commitments, she doesn’t want to promise anything. So we have to be kinda careful that we don’t wear out our welcome too. But hopefully everything will go well these next few weeks.

That’s all for now. We got our English class back! So we are now teaching again. Have a good week you guys. I love you!!!

hna. amundsen

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