Monday, August 22, 2011

la paz 24 - aug 22


This week was a gooood week. We have been teaching the flia. Siano since july, they are a family of 9; 7 kids and the 2 parents. Well, Sonia, who is 18 years old started to show a little more interest in what we’ve been teaching. And this week she and her brother Jose came to church!!!! We were so stoked! But that’s not even the best part.

So we are sitting in Gospel Principles class and towards the end Sonia was asked a question, something like “what do you think?” and there was suddenly a silence in the room. Sonia began to cry, and couldn’t talk. And Sergio (another investigator that was there) was like, “I know this might be kinda weird, but I get the impression that Sonia will be like them one day (pointing at me and my comp), I didn’t want to say it at first, but that’s how I feel.” I couldn’t believe it…that same thought had come me the other day when we had been teaching Sonia and her family, but I just figured I was getting overly excited. And then later my comp told me she had thought the same thing.

When Sonia could finally speak she said that she just feels like everything we have been talking about is for her, “cada punto” she said, (every point) was something that she needed to hear. Do you guys realize how good I felt at this moment? Sonia and Jose couldn’t stay for sacrament meeting this week, but next week they said for sure. We have another cita with them on Wednesday…so we’ll see how it goes!!!

It was so funny, because after class we were talking to Sonia about when we could come by, and my comp thought we were talking about her baptism, and my comp says “¡podemos hacerlo ahora!” which is, “we can do it right now!” and so I had to explain to my comp that we were seeing when we could come by. Hahahaha. She was just so dang excited! Like the elder in the Best Two Years. That was my companion yesterday. “we just think you look great in white” type of thing. Later when she came to her senses she asked me, “why didn’t you just slap me or something?”

So anyways…I also gave a talk on Sunday. I talked about testimonies, and shared a bunch of stories from my life. But this talk I really felt the spirit working through me. I felt like this was the topic Heavenly Father wanted me to talk about. But I invited the members to pray regarding their own testimonies and then pray for opportunities to be able to share it with others. And I shared some of my experiences of sharing the gospel. But it is so important that we really do share our testimonies with others. READ D&C 60:2!!!!! We as members have a great responsibility, and it doesn’t matter if they accept everything we say, just share a bit with them. Like Elder Uchtdorf said…when people ask how was your weekend…skip over the normal stuff and talk about something a youth speaker might have said in church, or something you learned from church. SOMETHING! Like, mom and dad, you could totally talk about how Sarah gave her first talk in church and how she spoke about virtue! DONE! Simple. Just do it.

We also had a funny ecperience on Saturday. We as missionaries started teaching an English class every sat….well…there is a member that lived in the US and she speaks English, and I guess even used to teach English. So she shows up and says that she will be teaching the class. Well, she has a very strong personality so we didn’t resist too much….but we weren’t very happy. Our students weren’t too happy either. It was an interesting experience. But that’s all for now.

We have a zone conference tomorrow in Parana. So I am excited for that! I love you guys! Thanks for your letters and for your prayers!

Love kari

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