Tuesday, August 16, 2011

la paz 21 - july 25


This week went by pretty fast too. Thanks for the pics and for the letters. i can’t believe mom keeps running into her cousins randomly.

So we had interviews with President on Wednesday…it was the longest interview i’ve had on the mission. It was my fault though….i don’t know how he did it, but I just opened up and told him everything that had been happening recently here on the mission. And I just sat there and cried. Great way to start off with the new president right? But he was super good, and we talked about a lot of things…including going home. I’m good to go home in September…he talked about getting you guys the flight plans soon so you know when i’m coming. Which is kinda sorta crazy to think about!

This week we were super stoked, because this family that we are teaching were going to come to church. We made the plans to go and pick them up. Then comes Sunday, and we are running all over the place, and we get to their house, and they aren’t there. Their neighbor came out and said that they had all gone to el campo…like out in the fields to visit family or something. NOOOO. I think I am just used to it now. And the other peeps we invited didn’t come either, when they said they would.

But the good news this week....we are going to Parana tomorrow for a leadership training meeting! And then I get to go work in Santa Elena on Wednesday….and then a rumor has been going around that my mini comp…hna. Calderon, from Rosario, is coming to visit on sat!!! which would be so awesomely amazing. I miss her.

Oh maaaann. Why aren’t people just more receptive to the gospel! Like, it’s only the most amazing thing ever! I was reading in Ether today about how wicked the people were...God kept sending them prophets and they didn’t listen!! Why don’t people just listen! And then they had this great giant battle…where all of them died…¡¡que iniquidad!! All because they just didn’t want to obey God. I guess I’m not the only missionary to be rejected by the people. But lets hope this story doesn’t have the same ending.

Oh and another drunk fell in love with me yesterday. We were walking in the street, and we saw him and knew right away he was drunk…so we said hi and kept walking. He made a coment like “que bonita!” and then started calling after me “rubia! Venga!” so I turned to my comp…”let’s go talk to him” and as I am walking toward him “venga! Y tu amiga tambien!” so we chatted with him. He said he is going to come to church on Sunday with us. He asked me like 5 times if I would be at church. And told me how he was going to clean up. I told him he better not drink or smoke anymore. But he kept saying “que Hermosa!” my comp just laughed and laughed about it later.

Well. That’s about it. Oh…tandy shields should be getting back from her mission here real soon. Do you guys know anything about it? I guess you guys will be getting my flight plans soon. I won’t get them for a while though. Love you guys a ton!

hna. amundsen

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