Tuesday, August 16, 2011

la paz 20 - july 18


This week went by super fast for me. Thanks for your letters. And ya, don’t worry mom, i got to read your letter today...it wasn’t your fault. So i had no idea that sara thornburg was engaged! To whom? and yes, Breana needs to write to me. (i need to write to her too). That’s sweet that you got to go bowling in the Wilk...it seemed like it was always under construction when i was there. And the 2nd part of Harry Potter already came out!!? Dang. I’m good, i can wait...

Well, today we are together as a zone because we all reached our contact goals for the week. So we are going to do something fun. And Dad, you won’t believe it, but we actually had a few really hot days this week....kinda weird. I was dying one afternoon cuz i left wearing a long sleeve shirt and brought my down jacket with me...i don’t know what i was thinking! But it was just super humid.

But ya, mom you were right about my president. I felt very spiritually fed. I miss that sometimes...it’s great to do the teaching and helping others, but it is nice to take a break once in a while and really listen to someone who is inspired and to feel the spirit teach me like that. We have interviews with President on Friday, so that should be fun! I always loved interviews with President Villalba, he always seemed to be right on with the things i needed to hear. So we’ll see how President Giuliani does it.

This week was good. We found a family of 10. And so far so good. We are hoping that they will progress!! We also did divisions this week with the other hermanas in Santa Elena (the little town close by). So that was fun. I stayed here and worked here in La Paz with Hna. Miranda, who is from Cordoba, Argentina. She is way rad. We had a lot of fun. We had a cita with this guy, and we had to walk down this one long dirt road...where nobody lives. And it had just rained the night before, so it was all mud. So it took us forever to get to the guys house. We laughed like the entire way too, because this mud is ridiculous! It just keeps accumulating on your shoes. So i would get a good 6 inch mud platform on my shoes and then i would try and kick some of it off. But it was a slow walk, because my shoes would stick in the mud, and my foot would slip out of my shoe if i walked normally. And occasionally my foot would go right under the mud so that my entire foot was convered. Ohhh.

And then when we arrived to the little neighborhood where the guy lived, we couldn’t even find him. So we just contacted the houses there. There was no one outside, and the first house was this little shack, and there were the insides of some dead animal hanging in the tree. It was like we were in the middle of some scary movie. And when we clapped, all the dogs from the neighborhood came running towards us. Well, i’m stuck in the mud dang it! Luckily they didn’t do anything. They just barked at us, as usual. But it always scares me. i think i hate dogs now.

We had these 2 guys come to church...i think they were a little drunk, the both of them. And i had to give a talk....the branch president always tells me... Have something prepared just incase someone falls through. So i didn’t know i was giving a talk until the person conducting said it. That was fun.

Well. I’m still here in La Paz. I’m hitting my 15 months here this week. I feel pretty accomplished. All is well. Have a good week. Send me pics from EFY and Utah if you took some. I love you guys!

Todo mi amor,

hna amundsen

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