Tuesday, August 16, 2011

la paz 23 - aug 15 "the last stretch"

Hola familia.

So transfers. No change. I am staying here with my same companion, and I am ok with it. So ya, President called me on Friday, and told me he wanted to come and talk to my comp and I. So Sunday he came, and he interviewed me. I wasn’t sure why he had wanted to come, but he later told me. That interview helped me out a lot. He just listened to me, and mostly comforted me. He is really loving. He told us what would be happening for transfers and wanted to know my reaction and how I would be for this last stretch of my mission, and what I thought about it.

While he was interviewing my comp I got a chance to talk to Hna. Giuliani. That was also fun for me. She is really great. I expressed to her some of my fears, and she told me 2 things that I really love. She told me “sometimes you have to make your own rainbows.” And its true. We decide.

She then told me that an airplane can still fly during a storm. She said there is a place in the storm called the “eye of the storm,” and it lies in the center. And if a pilot finds himself in a storm, he has to find the eye, and fly there. She said to me “fly in the eye of the storm”….when everything is crazy and hectic all around, find that eye, and that’s where you gotta go.

But this week was a good week. I felt really pumped and ready to work…and then I got sick. Haha. I woke up Wednesday all congested, and then thurs was a little worse. We still worked, but Thursday after walking for a while my head started hurting and I felt really weak, so I asked my comp if we could sit down for a second. We were right next to the river, so we sat down on a bench next to a man that seemed to be working. I had seen this man quite a few times and had wanted to talk to him, but I never had the chance, I just knew him from a distance. Soon enough he started talking to us. “This is great!” and it was. We shared the message of the restoration with him and left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon. (he said he loves to read, so I was super stoked to give it to him!). He doesn’t live here in La Paz, he just comes here to work often. He has long curly brown hair…I think that’s what made him stand out to me from before. But he was super grateful to us. I was able to bear my testimony to him. I told him that I didn’t have any doubts about what we had shared with him. And he kinda paused and looked at me. “you don’t have any doubts?” he asked. “None” I told him. That seemed to surprise him.

But it just made me think, that maybe the reason that I was sick was just so that we could talk to Dario that day. God works in mysterious ways. But I LOVE the gospel. I LOVE my savior Jesus Christ, and I know that this is HIS church, that it is the only church directed by HIM. The one and only. I feel so blessed to have this knowledge.

This is my last transfer…it’s kinda weird thinking about that. Mom, I laughed about the story of Julie’s birthday celebration. She would pull something like that. Oh ya…and last night we totally had a hail storm, it was gnarly. Our roof is metal…and so it was super duper loud in our pench. Haha! Try sleeping with that! It wasn’t even cold, so it was super weird. Anyway. I gotta go. Time is out! I love you guys. Ttthankss for the letters!

Love kari

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