Tuesday, August 16, 2011

la paz 19 - july 11

Sooooooo. what’s up family.

We have a new president. And he and his wife are soooo rad! I love them. They both just seem super humble and full of love. They are all smiles, and seem really cool. We had the conference on Friday, and their talks made me reflect a lot. They talked a lot about charity, and I just felt this love from them.

So afterwards I was talking with the hna. Giuliani, and president came up and was like “hna. Amundsen, we heard about you a while ago.” It turns out that Doug McAffee was visiting their ward in Pales Verdes when they announced their mission call, and told them that I was here. So that made me feel good. But I had a good talk with them. I guess they’ve been in the states for 39 years, and are super excited to be back in their country and to be with us. They are both converts to the church and shared a little bit about their stories. And Hna. Giuliani is way cuter in real life than she is in her photo. And Pres. Giuliani is actually shorter than I thought. But I’m super stoked to have them here.

Well. Not much new this week. We didn’t work a ton because I was sick mon and tues and then we had the conference. We got to go to Parana on thurs and stay with some other hermanas. So that was fun. And the conference was just fun. OH! And on Wednesday night we got letters. And I got letters from Court, Clare, Sarah, Luke, Mindy and bro. Greiner!!! It was like Christmas, but better. It made me feel so loved. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I laughed a ton at some of the things they said.

This week I have been thinking a lot about charity, the pure love of Christ…because when we have charity it drives us to do things we normally wouldn’t do. And I realized that I don’t have it. Sad right!? I know! So I was thinking how I should probably work on that. I mean, charity is the main force that drove our Heavenly Father to even create us, this earth, and to send us a savior. It’s what made Jesus Christ willing to atone for our sins. It’s pretty important.

Anyway. That’s all for now. I’m going to work on being more loving now. LOVE YOU GUYS!

hna. amundsen

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