Monday, November 8, 2010

rafaela week 14 - Nov 8

Hi my family.

Thanks for your letters. crazy week for you mom, glad i could help you out a bit with the lesson. Sounds like Sarah is doing awesome in soccer! It would be fun to watch her play. Mom had a birthday! Cafe Rio...yummy. You would choose that. To tell you the truth i really miss any kind of rice and beans and tortillas. Non existent here. There isn't much variety with the food here...but it's pretty yummy. Also! I received a bunch of mail yesterday. So i was in happy land last night as i read my letters.

Well, this week was kinda crazy. I learned something new...there are buses that go around the city! Which is wonderful because it's only $1.50 (pesos) and our area is super huge. So the other day we had an appt. with Mateo at 2:30 and we found that we could take a bus from where we were (about 30 min walking) to his house! We were stoked. So we hopped on the bus at 1:45 thinking we could get there early and go contact a reference from a member!......45 min later(2:30)...we are still on the did not go to Mateo's house, in fact it went the other direction and took us farther away. The bus pulls into the terminal as one of it's stops (which is out of our area). We decide that we should just take a remis (which is a taxi) because it would be faster. But all i have is $ we took the Remis to our house first, grabbed some money, and then went to Mateo's house.

But on the way we hit almost every red light...and then the train decides to come by, so we stopped at that too. I started laughing in the car. I couldn't believe the situation. One of those, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. My comp turns to me, “it's not funny”...i'm still laughing. Luckily we were able to call Mateo and let him know we were on our way. We finally arrive! Only 30 min. Late! And as we are paying the Remis $19 for the ride...the bus drives by.....yup.

We laughed soooo hard. Oh...and a member was there at his house waiting for us too...but luckily her and Mateo found our story to be hilarious. They just laughed with us. more story....President Villalba told us to get our house fumigated because we were just having problems...a couple more scorpians and a tiny little snake...harmless, but still - a snake. So Saturday morning we had a guy come and fumigate. He first went around and sprayed outside. There are concrete slabs that cover the sewer's where all the cockraoches live apparently, because when he sprayed underneath them...all the cockroaches started running out! Big ones, little name it! We had to watch our feet, or the cockraoches would run up our legs. They all died from the smell...but they went kinda crazy first!

Luckily there were more outside than inside. And as they died we were sweeping them all into one big pile. (We wanted to take a picture!). But sadly we didn't get the chance because we had to go somewhere, and when we came back they were all gone. We think the lady in front swept them all up.....or the birds had a giant cockraoch feast. And then Saturday night i had the worst nightmare....i had a dream that all the cockroaches were coming out of the floor and the walls and into my bed! I was very tired the next day.

Well, other than that...we have the baptism of Mateo coming up! The only problem is he is still trying to quit smoking! He can do it, he wants to be baptized, and so i know he'll do's just when he's with other people that's hard for him to say no. But he hasn't smoked for a few days now, and he fasted on Sunday! He's so great. He's 19, and has a lot of potential. Just humble and willing to do stuff. He has a blonde mullet ....a lot of kids here have mullets..and he has tatoos...same thing with his 18 yr. old brother Mauro....we are going to work with him next. But Mateo is setting an awesome example for his family, and his dad is already a faithful member.

Keep up the game sarah...and yes dad, i do tell people my little sister is an awesome soccer player. I use it a lot when we talk about the sabbath day, and how sarah doesn't play on Sunday because she knows that Heavenly Father comes first. Anyways....gotta go. Thanks for your love and everything you do! Until next week!

Todo mi amor

hna. amundsen

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