Monday, November 29, 2010

rafaela week 15 - Nov 15

Hola ¿como te va?

Thanks for the letters. I'm doing well this week. Not a ton of new things. Can't believe Stephen and Kashia are seems like Kashia just left. And Harry Potter 7! Oh man....the argentines know about it, but i doubt it will be coming here for a while. There's no thanksgiving here..sad huh? So we don't get to do anything special.Had some interesting adventures again this week...

We had a baptism! Yes! Mateo was baptized on Friday. He has been doing awesome with his smoking...hasn't smoked for a while. But....he didn't come to church on Sunday, so therfore we was not confirmed! We were kinda worried, so we called right after sacrament meeting to find out what happened. I guess he had some family problems...and woke up, and got dressed, but he was late and decided not to come. But we talked with him and he feels bad. He is going to come this Sunday for sure. He knows. He really is so great. He reads everything we leave for him to read! And is now reading the B.O.M. from the beginning. Our next goal is his brother...

Let me see. We had a zone conference this week. That was pretty cool. Our president and his wife spoke. Hna. Villalba called on me to read something and then afterwards asked me what it meant.... I hadn't really understood what i had read because it was in spanish. And so i stumbled as a tried to explain what i thought. She kinda looked at me funny and there was a long pause, then she asked me to read something else and i started to read the wrong thing....anyway, i struggled because i didn't understand what she was saying to me. And afterwards felt pretty terrible, super embarressed. Then Elder Aidukaitis spoke. The first hour i was terrified of him. I really felt uncomfortable in my chair. It was like we were terrible missionaries because we weren't reaching our goals. But we were fine. He changed his way of teaching and i felt a lot better. I learned a lot from him.

This week we cleaned out our drain...We have a hole in the ground where all the water goes when we shower, and there was a ton of hair in it. There have been missionaries in our house for about 15 years...and i don't think it's been cleaned for a looooong time. Well, we cleaned it. I think there was about 5 pounds of hair in that thing. And the smell....oh man. It was soooo bad!

Mom...can you do me a big favor....there is this member that makes scripture covers and bags out of leather and draws stuff on them. All the missionaries get stuff from him. And i'm trying to pick out images that i want, but i don't have very many resources...he draws just about anything. So, can you look up Simon Dewey and send me a bunch of his artwork through e-mail. Just google and send pictures. Pictures of the savior. With people, alone, with kids. Or any images that you really like from anyone really. Maybe i'll get you guys some stuff too. He can draw our family if he has a picture even.

Well..i have more to write and no time, so i gotta go. But i love you guys a ton. I hope you know that. Families are so important. I really miss you guys, and am stoked to talk to you in less than 2 months! I'm learning and growing here in the mission a lot. The Lord continues to teach me lots of things. Thanks for your love and support. You guys are in my prayers too! Love ya!

hna. amundsen

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