Monday, November 29, 2010

rafaela week 16 - Nov 22

Hey family.
Thanks for your letters. You guys don't know how much i need your letters. It gives me a boost every week. Thanks. So how is the family room coming? It would be cool to see how it looks. Also, i never got to see the finished product of Jodi's room. How she painted it…

So this week for me…we had a couple really full days of working. It was really great. It makes me happy when we have to run from appt. to appt. We stay more focused and feel better about the work. My goal, is to have every day be like that. It was also a bummer because there were like 4 people that we just started teaching, that told us they really have no interest. It's good to know, because we really need to spend our time with those that are ready and willing. One of our investigators is Norma. She is the younger sister of Marta (marta and Luis who are still trying to get married…who come to church every Sunday and are living the commandments who are awesome!) Anyway, we are teaching her sister Norma who is about 31 years old and she has 2 beautiful daughters. She is legally married, but not living with her husband…she is going through a divorcement. But she is a golden investigator because she is so prepared and wants to learn so much! She is already sharing the gospel with her friends. I love our lessons with her. She always has a ton of questions. And everytime we come her daughters (Jasim – 4 or 5yrs., and Julieta-2 yrs.) run to us and hug us really tight and kiss us over and over again. And then the same thing when we leave. But it's been so great seeing the changes in Norma. When we first met her about 3 weeks ago she was a lot more unsure of herself and just worried about stuff. But the gospel is really changing her and she is seeing the changes in herself too. She is more calm, and happier, and she has purpose in her life. It's really been a blessing to know her.

Also! Mateo was confirmed this Sunday! He even came in a a white shirt and tie. He's doing really well. He started reading the B.O.M. and he reads a lot. And he really likes it! He says he is understanding more now. Also, Lucas Franco was able to bless the sacrament this last Sunday! Which was a big deal for him. He was practicing all week. His wife says he has changed completely with the gospel. I think she is falling in love with her husband all over again, which is really great because he has been sick for a long time and i know that has been really hard on their relationship.

We went to Rosario this last week. We traveled through the night and got about no sleep…then woke up early because I had to do some legal paper stuff. All the missionaries have to do it, it was just my turn this last week. I had to get my picture taken and have my thumb prints taken….so that was an adventure. We were exhausted when we returned
though. You never get to catch up on sleep here.

Tomorrow i have to travel to Santa Fe for a conference thing and i get to be Hna. Kusilek´s comp for the day! It´s my turn to learn the new Preach My Gospel stuff.

Can't believe Christmas is around the corner. I'm excited for Christmas…i heard it's crazy here…like the 4th of July but louder and bigger with the fireworks.

Well, i love you guys a lot. I thank Heavenly Father for you guys everyday and pray for you.
Until next week…

hna. amundsen

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