Monday, November 29, 2010

rafaela week 17 - Nov 29

Hey Fam!

Wow. sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast. It's the best when all the family is together....well, almost everyone was together. It will be weird to have christmas here, but i'm way excited! Atleast Kris will get to be home though, and then i can talk to him in spanish over the phone! Maybe a little with Jodes too...if she's up for it.

This week was a little interesting. Monday we got to go to a ward was way fun. Then I was in Santa Fe for the conference thing all day Tuesday. We did tons of practices! I really dont like practices...but it wasn't too bad. We just had President sitting next to us while we did it, is all. But it was fun with Hna. Kusilek. I've been thinking a lot about transfers...i'm ready for a change. I think i might go to Villa Santa Tome where Hna. Kusilek is. Because i think she's going to be comp mayor this next transfer (senior comp). But we'll see. Transfers are next week which means i'll probably be writing on tues.

This week was interesting because we didn't work as much. Hna. Garcia has been having a lot of pain in her left foot the past 2 weeks, and this last week it got worse. So we went to the doctor, he says she has tendinitis...but i don't think it's permanent. So she rested a day...i did divisions...and we've just been walking really slow. So our numbers were super low this week.

Right now we have 2 awesome women who need to get baptized! Norma and Nora. Norma i talked about last week. But she is now saying that she is not ready to get baptized, that she needs more time. She is also moving about 2 hours away to live with her parents so that she can finsh up her career. It was great though, Sunday all the talks were perfect for her, i hope she got the message that she needs to be baptized!!! Because we are doing all we can.....And then there is Nora, who is about 60 years old. Her kids are older and she works next door to the Flia. Franco. She takes care of an older woman. And she has been to church 2 times now and loves it!! She has really progressed alot this last week. She's just a happy person, and she loves the peace that the members of the church have, and is beginning to feel that in her own life now.

Mateo is a little more difficult...hes hasn't really been reading, only praying. Sat he said he would come to church. We called him sun morning to wake him up...his mom put the phone to his ear, but he didn't want to get up, and therefore didn't come to church. We went over to his house sun after church to talk to him. He promises to come next Sunday...i think something happened and he's just not telling us....also....Gianella hasn't been to church for 3 weeks now. We went to go pick her up yesterday morning but no one answered the door. When we passed by again in the night, her mom came outside to tell us they had friends over and that it wasn't a good time. And Gianella will be with her dad next week and won't be able to come to church. (her parents are divorced).

But the work goes on.'s hard sometimes. That's about it for the week. I'm doing good. Excited to go and eat some vegetables that we bought this morning! I'm getting sick of the grease and oil. Jodi...what is your e-mail address so i can write to you? What are julie's and Sarah's also? All i have is kris's...but i laughed like the whole time i read jodi's letter. I love you jodi! That would be cool to get something from home...i don't even know what to ask for. I love you guys! Thanks for your love and support. Always!

Love, hna. Amundsen

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