Wednesday, January 5, 2011

san nicolas 2 - dec 20

Hey fam….

So heres the plan….there is a member that has skype, and it just so happens that we have lunch with them on Christmas. So after lunch i am going to call you guys by phone…it will be about 1:30 or 2pm here (don't know what time it will be there). I will call you guys, using a calling card, and just talk to you for a few minutes so that i can give you the number to our cell phone and we can figure out how to do the skype thing….if skype doesn't work we'll just talk by phone. President said we can use our cell phones, but you have to call me…I'M SO EXCITED! It's been 8 months.

So this week.....well....was kinda crazy...last p-day we went down to the was crazy because it was like california...the houses are right on the river. They were nicer and taller, and the streets were smaller, i felt like i was walking down to t-street or something with all the palm trees. But when we got to the river it was very different....but it was cool nonetheless. But this week was crazy because...Tuesday night we arrive at the pench at 9:30 and we start planning. We get a call from our zone leaders saying we have to go to Rosario right now! Something about another hna.....we didn't know if a new one came, if we were having a mini, if they were going to put 2 new sisters in the idea. So we were odedient and grabbed our stuff, and went running to the terminal. (the mission is crazy). We caught the last bus headed for Rosario just as it was pulling out. Turns out, one of the hnas. in Rosario had to go home for a few days (her dad was really turns out he passed away) and Hna. Espinoza, who is from El Salvador, was to come with us to San Nicolas until her comp returned.

Ok...question for Luke...hna. espinoza says she knows luke. It was one of his frist areas in Sonsate. The ward was El Castaño. Hepbert, mirna, hepbert and yesica Espinoza. I guess her parents aren't members, but they loved luke. Her mom helped luke with his spanish..and they gave him a roof tile with a drawing/painting on it. Anyways...she had only the best things to say about luke. So that was pretty cool.

But we were able to get more done this week, because we were able to do divsions 2 of the days. This was good for me, because i was able to get to know the area better. I worked in one area and Hna. Morales in the other area. And we found a bunch of new we've just got to keep it up and see who is really ready and willing. Because a lot of people listen, but not very many get to the waters of baptism. But yes mom, we have to keep the lessons to an hour. We do our best to keep this rule, because we have to be obedient if we want the blessings. sometimes it's hard to keep rules like not being able to teach men alone old men, or crippled men, we know they can't do anything to us, but we still can't enter their house to teach them if they're alone. And therefore they don't hear the lessons. Or we teach outside. But we have to be obedient.

Anyways...we went again to Rosario sat night to drop off Hna. Espinoza. and slept there....then returned in the morning just in time for church. Luckily Rosario is only about 1hr and 20 min away...not 3 1/2 hours like Rafaela.

Hna. Morales completed a year in the mission the other we ordered ice cream and celebrated. It was fun. tell Tanner congrats on the mission call! Well, it looks like we'll be chatting it up in spanish, holmes style. Well.....i love you guys!!!!! Christmas will be a little different, but it's the only christmas i have to spend away from home, so it's all good. Thanks for your prayers, they are needed. Talk to you guys in a few days...and have yourselves a merry little christmas!

Hna. amundsen

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