Monday, January 10, 2011

san nicolas 4 - jan 10


Dad, bummed to hear you guys are still stick. ME TOO. I had a fever yesterday. I called Hna. Villalba, and she said it’s going around, and that she too is just getting over a fever. So I have to stay inside for the next couple days. She wants me to recuperate completely and as quickly as possible. Today I don’t have a fever, but I still feel a little weak. But that is how it goes.

This week we had a leaders training. It was really good, I feel pumped every time I go to those kinds of things. Transfers are coming. I think there will be lots of changes…there are 6 hermanas that will be going home march 1, 2010….so this next transfer is the last transfer for 6 hermanas, including my comp Hna. Hansen. And I guess we will be getting 6 new ones…so there will be a lot of people training and I might go up to comp mayor. (senior comp). It also might mean a lot of white washes (president likes to do those). But we’ll see…So transfers are next week (wed. the 19th of Jan). So that means I will be writing on Tuesday.

So this last Sunday a member brought a friend with her to church. Her friend’s name is Grasiela, she is 47 yrs old with no top teeth. We began teaching Grasiela this week. She stopped smoking a little over a month ago because of a lot of health problems, and she can´t drink either…so word of wisdom…taken care of! When we began teaching her we just started chatting about her life and the things that she has been through. She really enjoyed church, she said she has never felt that way in any other church. She also received a blessing of health, and just told us about the peace that she felt with that. She is so great, and just really receptive. We talked to her about baptism and she would really like that. But I felt a lot of love for her the more I got to know her. I think that’s why Christ and our Heavenly Father love us so much, because they know us so well. For this reason Christ was so willing to pay the price for all of our sins. He knew us before this world even was.

Anyway….so that’s the scoop this week. Can you tell Kris that his e-mail keeps sending me links to different sites, and that he needs to check it out, it probably has some kind of virus. Anyway…love you guys…I’ll let you know what’s happening for transfers next week!

Love, hna amundsen

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