Sunday, January 2, 2011

san nicolas 1 - dec 13

Family fam familia…

Hows it goin guys? Well...i arrived in san nicolas safetly, and i really like it here. Itss more like venado tuerto than rafaela. We have to wards here....wards...not branches....but they are very small wards. “Las Flores” is one...its really pretty, because it is in the city but also goes out to the “campo” where there are dirt roads, and fields...the houses are more humble, but i like it. It's pretty. Then the other ward is “Centro”'s more rich, and you can tell the difference on sudays too...the people dress a little nicer and the ward is a little bigger...but it 's also really great. It's different...but with our 2 areas together, it's still smaller than my area in Rafaela. But i've got 6 hours of church every Sunday now.

My comp is great! Her name is Hna. Morales, from Chile. We get along really well. She is super loving.

So leaving Rafaela....the hard part was leaving the people....i went and said goodbye to some people Monday night....and those that i couldn't say goodbye to came over to our was so great. I'll never forget these people. It was my first time really leaving an area. i learned a lot about myself last transfer, and it was really good for me.

Oh! There is this young mom in ward centro. She's super cute, and when i saw her she totally reminded me of Sarah Hallerman Davis! It was weird. She is brunette, but there was something about her, and it made me realize how much i miss Sarah. I am so far behind in writing letters....oh man. And i will be washing my clothes by hand again in this area....yay....(that was sarcastic). Which time on Pday. We had a bunch of rain this's warmer today. I guess it's usually pretty hot by this time of year....i've been lucky. Christmas traditions, i haven't really seen much of the Christmas spirit here at all. We'll see. I got to watch the christmas devotional last night, in spanish, so i didn't really understand much of it.

I am healthy and strong. Thanks for your letters. I really enjoy them. Sorry i don't always comment on your comments, but i read them. I'm working on sending something off to you guys...something super simple. But i am excited to talk to you! Hopefully we'll learn a bit more about that next week. It doesn't feel like christmas here. But it's all good. I'm really excited to work here! I love you guys!

Todo mi corazon,

Hna amundsen

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