Wednesday, January 5, 2011

san nicolas 3 - jan 3

Hey fam…

So i didn't write sat…everything was closed..and we have half p-day today. So it was fun to talk to you guys on Christmas by skype. The flia. Carrere are pretty awesome (those are the people). Sandra (the mom) is less active, but she is still our friend. She has a testimony still, but ya, a lot of people are like that. And yes dad…they all give kisses here. Every time you walk up to someone they give you a kiss on the cheek. We aren't allowed to kiss the men, only the women. But sometimes the men do it so fast you don't have time to tell them NO. but it's like the handshake or the hug. It's the way they greet one another. And when you end a phone call, they always say “un beso, chao” …which means “a kiss, bye”.

For the new year, we had dinner with a family and then headed back to the apartment. I went to bed, because we had to get up at 6:30am the next morning (like always). The good thing is it was P-day the next day. But I didn't sleep. I hardly ever sleep on P-day…I only did it on Christmas and maybe one other time. Actually…on Saturday our zone got together and we watched Toy Story 3! We got permission from president cuz it was a holiday and our zone had 5 baptisms last week…(2 of them were ours! !!). Then afterwards we played soccer, which i am beginning to really love. It was hot, but it was fun!

So…we had a baptism the 24th…I can't believe I forgot to tell you guys. It was 2 boys…Owen Pons (11) and Airton Pons (13)...brothers. Their story is pretty interesting. Hna. Morales has been trying to teach these boys since she got to San Nicolas in July. They were the only ones not baptized from their family. Their family was less active. This is what happened…I guess there were some family problems and then their dad, Luis, got sick with cancer. He lived about 2 months and then passed away this last September. During this time the family promised their dad that they would go back to church and become active members again. When I got here, we were able to get inside the house and teach them for the first time. These 2 boys are really great. The Baptism was really emotional for them, and for the whole family. Their uncle (the brother of their dad) was able to baptize them. It definitely didn't feel like I did anything. These boys were prepared and ready. I don't think any of this would have happened if their dad had not passed away. I think of the scripture in Alma 24:26-27...and how the Lord works in mysterious ways to bring salvation unto His people. But the number who had been brought to the knowledge of the truth was greater than the number that had been killed.

Random stuff…

So, I got a little package from cary and Allison Nielsen (Breana's parents)! Tell them thanks if you see them! They sent me their Christmas card and some cds…one of the elders said the talk they sent me is really good. So i'll have to listen to it:). I'm working on some letters…i'm trying to write some people that wrote to me. It's starting to get warm here. We are going to start studying in the afternoons now…president's orders. Can't believe grandma and grandpa are moving! I got an e-mail from grandma today. I'm not supposed to write her back. But tell her thanks, I loved it. Sounds like Christmas was fun. I'm working on some new goals for this year….finish my mission would be #1…then I'll have a little time to do some other things… Dad…our ward….we have about 50-70 people that usually show up. I don't really know what kind of info you are looking for. We have a bishop... maybe you can ask more specific questions…most wards have like 300 members…most are inactive is all. What are some of your new years resolutions? I would like to know. Alright. I think that's it. I'll talk to you guys next week! We should be more on schedule now….thanks for the pictures!! It's good to see everyone's faces!

Love ya,

hna. amundsen

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