Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 13- may 30


So. New transfer, new comp (Hna. Gossen) same area. I’ve been here in La Paz for 3 months, and will be here for another 3 months…as I am told. So Wednesday I went to pick up my comp in Rosario, and it turns out that we have a new training program. The training program is 12 weeks long (2 transfers, or 3 months). And instead of having 1 hour of comp study, we have 2 hours every morning. This time is dedicated to learning and practicing, so that the new missionary is really prepared. So far the program has been good. This is the first time they are doing it, we are kinda “guinea pigs” so to speak. So that is how I know I will be here in La Paz for at least 6 months total (and maybe more…we’ll see in 2 transfers).

I’m a little worried, scared for this transfer. My comp is from Paraguay. She is pretty quiet, but has a desire to serve. She has a fear of big dogs, which doesn’t help here in Argentina. The first day we were out on the street we passed by “Bruno” a rather large puppy that knows us really well. I had no idea that my comp had a fear of dogs…Well, here comes Bruno running towards me, jumps up just to give me kisses. I’m laughing and my comp starts freaking out. She started crying as I shooed Bruno away. I then tried to calm her down, explaining he’s just a puppy. Needless to say, we’ve been doing everything possible to avoid that street. But he’s not the only big dog. She is so much like a little kid. Just so unaware of what happens around her. And she has freaked out about a couple others things too. I can help her to adapt to this new life. I feel likes it will be a challenge.

So I hope everything goes well. I am a little nervous. I think I will be learning a lot of patience. I think the Lord likes to test me, to see how dedicated I really am to this work. He’s stretching me so that will grow. But the truth is i’m scared to grow.

I’m super worried about Ivan too. Our little 11 year old convert. He didn’t come to church, he says his mom won’t let him go. We went to go talk to him last night and his mom was in a BAD mood. So we didn’t end up talking to Ivan. But we started teaching his aunt, and she is way rad. I guess Ivan showed her pictures of his baptism and told her that she needed to follow her heart. He’s such a good kid, already a missionary.

I really love some of the people here. I have really grown close to a few people. We also are teaching a girl named Natalia Espinoza. She is 18…we haven’t been able to find her recently, but sat night we got to talk to her. She said she prayed and felt the spirit. She was like “and ya, it’s true.” And she wants to get baptized, but she hasn’t come to church yet, so that is a problem. But the Flia. Melgarejo is progressing. I’m growing closer to them too. They still don’t want to get baptized. They know it’s true, and they read, pray and come to church, and are asking questions about baptism, but not yet. I think we are going to invite them to get baptized again…we’ve already done it a few times, but hey, why not again. They just know that it is a big commitment, and want to be sure of themselves before they take that step.

And wow…I just got a call from one of the assistants, apparently I have to go to Buenos Aires on Wednesday. So tomorrow I am traveling to Rosario, and the Buenos Aires, and I’ll be back on Thursday or Friday. Wow. Cool. I guess I have to go do some papers. No worries, I’m not the only one going. I’m not in trouble or anything. But I am leaving the mission boundaries! Alrighty, I gotta go. Thanks for your letters. And for sarah’s address. I have a letter I’ll be sending her today. Thanks for filling me in and what goes on. I really take a lot of strength from hearing from you guys. It gives me an extra boost. There’s nothing like family. LOVE YOU GUYS A TON.

hna. amundsen

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