Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 15 - june 13

Hey there family.

This week in Argentina…most of this week was spent contacting people. Super duper fun! (that was sarcastic). I am getting better at contacting though…not as afraid to do it. I think it will always be hard for me though.

We found a cool girl this week. We had contacted her brother, and set up a cita with him. But when we went he wasn’t there (typical), his sister answered the door. so we asked if we could share something with her. She is 21…her family is super catholic, but she doesn’t like it, and has always gone to church out of obligation. But her name is Fernanda, and she was really focused on the lesson, she asked good questions, and wanted to know why we were members of the church, and how our conversion took place. She wants to read a pray:) so we were super stoked! We’ll see what happens. She told us flat out that her parents aren’t going to like it. We kinda picked up that hint when her mom walked in, she wasn’t the most friendly with us. But hey, maybe they’ll be accepting in a little bit.

I forgot to tell you guys how we almost died the other week…So…on Sunday (a week ago) we were walking down a dirt road, coming down the hill a little. All the sudden i hear this rumbling, and look to my left to see a giant cow running…luckily he passed by a little behind us, no problem…and continued, scared me a little but we were safe. But then we realized he was just the first of about 7 cows…all headed in the same direction! There were bushes and plants around us, and one of the cows turned into the bushes; which meant it was heading directly toward us, while the others just followed the path of the first that had run by. I grabbed my comp, thinking how when that cow comes out of the bushes we were going to get squashed. My comp wasn’t even looking, she was just watching me.

Well, that cow came running out of the bushes, and took one look at us and stopped dead in his tracks. I couldn’t believe it. They are scared of us, and he hadn’t seen us until that moment. Then he turned and went on his way. We got out of there pretty fast. Turns out a dog had been chasing them. My comp burst out in laughter. I did too. My heart had just about leapt out of my chest. Those things are huge!! We could have been pancakes. I asked my comp why she was laughing! Like how can she cry when a giant puppy wants to give her kisses, but when a giant cow comes charging at her she just laughs. She said she didn’t look at the cows. She said she kept her eyes on me the whole time and was laughing because of my face, the expressions that i made. It must have been pretty funny. It all happened sooo fast, and i was terrified. But we had a good laugh about it afterwards.

We also had district conference on Sunday, that was pretty cool. It was a broadcast, Elder Packer, and Anderson spoke, one of the 70 and then Sister Wixon. So that was a real treat, i love hearing from them! But that’s about it for this week. Thanks for the letters. Love hearing from you guys.


Hna. Amundsen

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