Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 11 - may 16


So next week is transfers! Yikes! I think this was the fastest transfer of my mission. We are hoping to not change! President Villalba and his wife came to our ward for church yesterday, and my comp asked if they needed more mini missionaries, and President was like, “yes!” and so I wrote him today, like…”you know…I wouldn’t mind if my comp stays…” But we’ll see what happens. It has to be the will of the Lord as well, but I feel like she’ll stay. But ya, i’ll be writing Tuesday next week to let you know how it goes. Haha. I really like it here, the days are going by so fast, we feel like we don’t have any time to work. That’s how it should be though.

We are working with a big family right now…there are 9 kids! And a few of them came to church on Sunday! Then we are working with Ivan (our recent convert), Ivan gave us a reference of his friend Kevin, and so we are teaching Kevin and his older sister, and they are both way rad!! I love Ivan. He is such a cool little kid! He is just so pure and wants to be good. He’ll be a big help to the church here when he is older.

The shooting…ya, things don’t happen like that too often. Haha. Stuff happens, but people don’t say anything. But we are really protected here, as long as we are keeping the rules and have the spirit with us, we should be safe.

We are also teaching a guy named Horacio. He is sooo prepared. He just needs a little push in the right direction. He’s coming to church this next Sunday he told us. The thing is we always find him in other people's houses or walking in the street…he is never home. So it’s harder to teach him, but he is catholic…but not. He is a member of a church that is a branch of the catholic church…and they don’t believe in the virgin mary or the saints, and they pray like we do. He had a dream/vision thing while praying, where he saw a multitude of people with their right hand raised…like we do when we sustain the prophet. And we told him that! And the spirit was so strong when we testified! Then he and a group of people were praying for guidance, and they felt that the true church would be called “la iglesia de Jesucristo de los ultimos dias”…which is almost our name…we were like…”have you seen this!” as we point to our name tags.

We are also teaching another girl named Veronica…but her husband got into a really bad accident a couple weeks ago…Her husband Javier was driving 6 girls for his job, and they hit a truck (like the BIG ones) and 3 of the girls were killed. And he tried to pull them out. But the girls are from La Paz, so people were talking about it for a while. So it’s been a little harder to find Veronica, because she started working while her husband recooperates, but physically he is just fine. It was a miracle he survived. Really…we’ve been pretty busy. But I like it that way. Like you said dad, always something to do.

Let me know if you got the pictures…cuz I got an e-mail about some error. Who was sarah in the play? Oh, and I have been thinking, maybe I will go to saddleback one semester, that might be a good idea. But ya…we’ll see. Love you guys a ton. My prayers are with your guys.

hna. amundsen

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