Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 17 - june 27

Hey family,

LOVED the pics!! It looks like it was fun. Sorry i couldn’t be there with you Jules! But i thought about you, and even told me comp...”my sister is graduating today!”

Well as you know, i’m struggling here on the mission. But i am grateful for the trails because they make me really evaluate myself. It just sucks sometimes too. This week was tough. It rained a bunch, so not a ton of people were out in the street. So i sang songs as we walked. “Hermana Amundsen sang as she walked and walked and walked and walked AND...walked!. “ We also knocked doors.

We contacted this one guy in the street. Or mud i should say. And he was super nice! He was leaving because he works out in the fields (and leaves for days at a time), but he told us to go by his house and that he wanted to go to church with us. So we started teaching his wife. She is super sweet. They are pretty poor. But i hope they will be able to progress. We invited them to church, but Lorena (the wife) didn’t want to go without her husband. I get the feeling she doesn’t go out very much, and is a little scared to do it.

Also, our one investigator, Veronica...we haven’t been able to find her this week. We’ve passed by and she hasn’t been home, and then the one time she was home she couldn’t attend to us. I hope she isn’t trying to hide from us. Her daughter said she wants to talk to us. So i hope she was telling the truth.

But anyways. We have transfers next week. But i already know that i am staying here with my comp because of the new traning program. But i think that means we will be writing on Tuesday. We also have a conference coming up in about a 1 ½ weeks to meet our new mission president. I am excited!! Welp. That’s all for now. A little shorter today. See you later guys!

All my love.

hermana amundsen

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