Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 16 - june 20

Hey hey hey.

¡¡HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!! Too bad we can’t call on fathers day too. And i enjoyed your letter, it wasn’t dumb. Hope you had a good day. Sorry you were sick, i know that’s not fun. I love you a lot! Jules…good luck with graduation tomorrow. I want to see lots of pics next week!

So again. Lots of contacting. We are having a lot of trouble finding people that actually want to learn and progress. It is quite hard sometimes. This is just part of the work.

So we found out some interesting information. We are teaching Veronica Melgarejo, she is pretty cool. She is 27, she has 5 kids, and is Ivan’s aunt. (Ivan is the little 11 year old that we baptized) . Well, we were teaching her neighbors…the flia. Melgarejo right…and we haven’t seen the flia. Melgarejo for some time now because they have been hiding from us. Veronica has got the inside scoop. It turns out that a couple of the older girls started getting into some trouble…not sure if it was with drugs or boys or the both…but it all started happening after they started taking the missionary lessons. So naturally they have put the blame on us, and think it’s because of us that they are having problems. And then it doesn’t help that their dad is spreading lies about us. He says that we are here to destroy families, and that the Book of Mormon is all part of that as well. So they don’t even want to talk to us. Yesterday we were coming up the street, and they were outside their house, and when they saw us they all went inside. It just hurts to hear stuff like that, and to see that they avoid us like the plague.

Then there is Silvia, the mom of Ivan, and sister of Veronica. Silvia and her husband have been on bad terms recently (Ivan’s parents)...they too started having problems about the time that Ivan started taking the missionary lessons and was baptized. So Silvia as well put the blame on us. She told Veronica to burn the Book of Mormon. But Veronica has seen changes in her life, and loves reading the Book of Mormon and told her sister that. She also told Silvia to let Ivan go to church again and let him listen to us because he likes it. She says Ivan is always sad now. I guess his mom told him it was his fault they were having problems in the family. Poor kid.

We even saw Ivan in the street the other day with his older sister Erika. I ran up to him, I haven’t seen him for a while, so I was super stoked! Erika said that Ivan has been getting bad grades in school, and so his parents told him he couldn’t go to church until he raises his grades. We know what is really going on, and they have used that as an excuse in the past. But it makes me sooo sad to see this happening here. People are saying good things are bad and bad things are good, just like the scriptures say.

So here we go. We are looking for new investigators. But they haven’t been easy to find. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here, because I don’t feel like I am making a difference. The people we found last week don’t want to have us over either…so we keep contacting and keep looking for new people to teach. Am i doing something wrong?

anyways. i love you guys a ton!!

love, hna. amundsen

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