Tuesday, July 5, 2011

la paz 14 - june 6


Sooo this week was different. Had quite the adventure in Buenos Aires. Here in Argentina, we travel by bus wherever we go…they say “collectivo.” So I got on a bus Tuesday, and traveled to Rosario, and stayed in the mission home that night. Then at 7am, Wednesday, a bus came to the mission home and picked us up..there were 16 I believe…me, the only girl. But it was so fun! There were about 6 of us that I was in the MTC with, so that was way fun. So all we did was drive to Buenos Aires, we got there, like in the middle of the city, and we had to go into some government building. It took about 30 minutes for all 16 of us to go through. So that was nice. I sat down and talked to a guy in Spanish…he took my finger prints. It was funny because he was flirting with me. And the elders that were in line could see that this guy was laughing a lot with me, and so when one of the elders sat down in the booth next to me, he leaned over and said…”he’s flirting with you!” in English. It was really funny.

Afterwards we stayed in Buenos Aires for lunch…we went to Mcdonalds. And then headed back to Rosario. We got in about 7:30pm. I stayed the night and left the next day. My comp was in Santa Elena with the Hermanas there….it’s a little city about 45 min away from La Paz.

So working this week…I don’t know why, but our investigators just don’t want to get baptized. UGGG! Like, we invited the Flia. Melgarejo to be baptized again, and they kept telling us that they wanted to be sure, that in the future yes. But now they don’t even know if they want to get baptized. They’re like, “we’ll come to church and everything” but I don’t get it. And then Horacio is the same. He doesn’t understand that he was baptized without authority. He thinks his church has it, and I explained to him that NO, they can’t have the authority, it’s impossible, because they would be members of our church if they had it!!! But he still believes our church is true…?? Yes, we are looking for new people, always…but I don’t get it.

Everyone says La Paz is the place where you go and baptize…and here I am NOT baptizing. But on the bright side I met this really awesome guy named Osvaldo! I was on the bus coming back to La Paz from Rosario, and this 50 yr old man was assigned to the seat next to me. So there I was sitting, thinking about how I would start the conversation with him and he turns to me and starts talking. “you’re not from around here are you?” I just laughed. so we started talking, I explained that I am a missionary. He is from Rosario and said he passes by the elders all the time on the street and always says “hi” to them. So I taught him about the Restoration, and he really liked how logical it all was. He said he has a Book of Mormon but has never opened it to read it. So I pulled out mine, and we read part of the introduction, and I invited him to read and pray about it. And then I invited him to be baptized. He just kinda laughed and was like “already?!” and I explained, “well ya, you gotta if you feel it’s true!” so he said he would pray. He gave me his direction and phone number so I could pass it along to the elders. He is married with 3 kids, just this awesome guy. He got off at Santa Fe, so we had talked for about 2 hours. But he just told me how he felt like we had known each other for a while, and thanked me for my warm smile and friendliness. But I felt so good afterwards, he totally made my day. And I already talked to the elders where he lives, they are stoked to go by him and are going to keep me updated:)

Alright. That’s all for now kids. Love you guys,

hna. amundsen

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